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I just recently read a great article by Gaz Lloyd on We Got This Covered. The article was a list about the 5 things he wanted to see in the new Fallout 4. (You can read his list here.) Being a huge fan of the Fallout franchise, I began to wonder, what do I want to see in the next Fallout installment?

10. Pop-Culture References

One of the most fun parts of the Fallout franchise is finding all of the pop-culture easter eggs. One of the most common things to do in RPG's is to litter the game with references to other games, movies, shows, or artists. However, Fallout has always made their use of references feel very organic to the game and settings. I love finding each of them as I scour the Wasteland in search of ammo and Raiders. Boston being a hub for an array of different forms of art and entertainment, it would be easy to fill Fallout 4 with references that would seamlessly fit into the location and story of the game. I can't wait to see what they reference this time!

9. Old Friends

Fallout is the home to some of the most beloved characters in the last decade of gaming. One of the greatest characters that people fell in love with was Threeee Dog. We all know him as the guiding voice throughout Fallout 3 that gave us not only great music, but heart-warming stories and Wasteland news. Another one of these characters was the talking tree Harold who actually made his first appearance in the original Fallout. He has actually made it into each of the games except Fallout: New Vegas, mutating more and more each time. I hope that Fallout 4 finds a clever way to incorporate at least these two fan-favorites, and perhaps gives us a throw back to other characters. I'm hoping to meet up with Moira Brown!

8. NPC Variety

As beloved as this franchise is, almost everyone will agree that the NPCs (non-playable characters) could definitely use a bit more variety. This lack of NPC features was due to the hardware that the previous games were run on. However with the improved hardware capabilities of modern day PCs and next-gen gaming consoles, Fallout 4 should be more than capable of handling the coding involved with supplying it's NPCs with more physical variety and dialogue expansion.

7. Real World Locales

Boston is home to some of the richest history in America. With that, there are a ton of historical sights and buildings that are recognizable to not only locals, but regular people as well. I hope we are able to explore these sights in depth and perhaps travel even farther outward into the surrounding cities. From Fallout 3 we know that the franchise is no stranger to letting you explore monuments, but I just hope that this will be an even bigger part of the game than before.

6. Even More Factions

Arguably one of the most fun parts of the franchise is deciding who you will side with when surviving in the Wasteland. You have the option of being in multiple gangs and factions, each with their specific set of characteristics and benefits. With an even larger world being created in Fallout 4, I hope that even more gangs and factions with arise to fill this space with war! We know there will be random faction wars in this game and that the player will have the option of participating or spectating, but I hope we'll want to help our brethren in defeating our new found enemies. As great as all of the prior gangs have been, there is a lot of room for improvement, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!

5. Weapon Modification

Something that Fallout: New Vegas brought to the franchise was weapon modifications. It was probably the best feature of the entire game. It really changed up the way we fought enemies, spent caps, and explored the ruins of the old world. They have already confirmed that this will make it into the game, but I hope that there will be continuous updates and options for player-generated modifications. Also, I hope to see unique attachments just like there are unique weapons. I think it would be awesome to see how people use the unique upgrades on an array of different guns and how the attachments would work with other modifications.

4. Armor Augmentation

At long last we will be able to modify our armor and not just repair it! We've done it Wastelanders! Don't get me wrong, I love my power-armor and it is beautiful, but I need to add some flair! In a world as colorful and unique as this one, I always thought it was odd that this wasn't already a feature. I'm ecstatic that we'll finally be able to tinker with this capability now, but much like the weapon attachments, I hope there are armor specs that are unique that we can apply to our existing armor to give it a boost or some added coolness. Perhaps we'll even be able to paint the armor, giving those damn paint guns that are always lying around some use!

3. New Enemies

Fallout gave us Deathclaw and we've been seeing new types ever since. I hope we get even more expansion on not only these death machines, but others as well. I have an ongoing theory about a new type of ghoul in this game, but I think exploring the different types of ghoulification would be a great way to give birth to some really interesting and intimidating enemies. I also hope that there is a new system for enemy power levels so that you don't just begin to one-shot-one-kill everything in sight.

2. Vehicles

The most interesting addition to this game will be vehicles. We have been waiting a long time for some form of transportation to help us traverse the harsh landscape of the Wasteland, and it is finally here. I hope there will not only be air vehicles but land as well. Along with the other modifications in the game, I hope they add some sort of vehicular upgrade system as well. There is so much potential for the integration of vehicles into a game as amazing as this. I hope they take a page out of GTA's book, 23rd century style!

1. Consequences

The greatest achievement of the Fallout series has been their implementation of karma and the SPECIAL system. These two features completely control the functionality of the game. Without these this franchise would not be the powerhouse it is today. With that said, I am extremely curious to see how SPECIAL will affect gameplay this time around. I hope that we will eventually be able to achieve 100% of the SPECIAL stats, but that our choices early on will affect our experience throughout the game. Along with this, I hope the karma system is improved upon. As amazing as it is, the karma gods were a confusing bunch. You could be an upstanding citizen even though you constantly and brutally murdered people, but if you stole so much as a plate off a table in a bar, you would become the scum of the earth! I hope that in Fallout 4, the karma system is adjusted so that minor offences will not influence NPC outlook as horribly, and that murder will hold more weight.

With Fallout 4 well on its way, I'm sure the excitement will only grow stronger. I really hope they find a way to add these features into the game, and make sure that they function as well as their previous ones have. I have a lot of faith in Bethesda and I don't think they'll let us down, but it's reasonable to have very high expectations for a game made by a studio as great as this one. Thanks for reading everyone!


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