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We know that the Doctor has lived through many adventures. And we also know that he made many friends and also many enemies. Daleks, Silurians and even Cybermen. Cybermen were first seen in William Hartnell’s exit story ‘The Tenth Planet’ in 1966 and recently in the finale of season 8. I would like to see them again in Series 9 and so does Peter Capaldi, who wants to do a Cybermen origin story later on Doctor Who!

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

According to the CultBox:

Speculating about future stories, Capaldi told Doctor Who: The Fan Show on YouTube: “We should either have some of [the Cybermen] becoming Time Lords and somehow channelling it so that they have access to time and space.”

Capaldi also added:

“Or I think it would be good if we had ‘Genesis of the Cybermen’. If we found the Doctor on Mondas itself in an adventure where he discovered the Cybermen actually being created.”
The actor also said that he’d like to bring back other classic monsters, including the Axons from ‘The Claws of Axos’, Daemons from ‘The Daemons’, and the Zarbi from and Menoptera from ‘The Web Planet’.
Daemons from ‘The Daemons’
Daemons from ‘The Daemons’

I'm so excited! I want to see all these old monsters return to the show! What do you guys think? Do you want these old monsters to return to Doctor Who? Please tell me in the comments below!

Doctor Who is back on 19th September with Series 9 on BBC One!

What? You haven't seen the trailer yet?? Well I should call the Daleks but I'm going to give it to you! Check it out below:




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