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Robin Williams' tragic passing inspired many artists to channel their sadness into poignant tributes to the late comedy great, but the image below contains the most references to the iconic actor's illustrious career that I've seen packed into one artwork so far.

The piece by Josie Devor has cunningly placed 23 visual references to Robin Williams classics in the frame, and it was clearly something that he painted from the heart, he wrote on her website that:

This piece was inspired by all the ways I knew a man that I never met. He was an amazing actor and human being. In his lifetime he helped more then 50 different charities raise money and awareness. He also helped thousands, if only for a little while, forget their troubles and just laugh.

I really enjoyed doing this illustration and reflecting on all the ways he inspired my personality and sense of humor as I was growing up.

Check out the fan art for yourself below and see if you can spot all of the movie references before checking out the breakdown of exactly what the symbols refer to:

So, what does it all mean? Below is a breakdown of all of the visual homages to Robin Williams movies included in the touching fan art in chronological order:

1. Mork and Mindy

The rainbow suspenders that Williams is sporting are a nod in the direction of the iconic TV comedy that launched his career into the stratosphere, Mork and Mindy.

2. Popeye

The Popeye mask represents Robin Williams' turn as a live action Popeye back in 1980.

3. Good Morning, Vietnam

Any Robin Williams fan worth their salt will have immediately recognized the chrome microphone from Good Morning, Vietnam.

4. Hook

Although the instantly recognizable Disney Peter Pan's face is show, this symbol is meant to summon up memories of Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan in Hook.

5. FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Any child of the '90s will remember Robin Williams' turn as Batty Koda!

6. Aladdin

Image on left by:
Image on left by:

There is no need for me to identify Robin Williams' legendary role as the Genie in Aladdin from the lineup, but it seems wrong to leave it out.

7. Toys

The red hat invites us to cast our minds back to Williams' role in 1992's Toys.

8. Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire gets a well deserved place in the spotlight with this slightly creepy mask laying on the table.

9. Jumanji

The Jumanji board is stowed away on the shelf all closed up, as it should be.

10. The Birdcage

The classic comic remake, The Birdcage is represented with a literal symbol of the movie's name.

11. Flubber

Disney's Flubber bounces in for a guest appearance sheltering under a mask near Robin's arm.

12. What Dreams May Come

The painting on the wall represents the touching story of the afterlife, What Dreams May Come.

13. Patch Adams

Patch Adams' nose is clearly visible on the table underneath Mrs. Doubtfire's mask.

14. Bicentennial Man

Andrew, the robot Robin Williams played who was capable of emotions and creative thought, hangs from the mirror to represent Bicentennial Man.

15. One Hour Photo

The only truly terrifying role of Williams' career as Seymour Parrish in One Hour Photo is represented by the camera perched on the shelf.

16/17. Insomnia/Awakenings

Two movies are represented by the eye-mask, Awakenings (1990) and Insomnia (2002).

18. Death to Smoochy

You can just see the corner of Rainbow Randolph's hat from Death to Smoochy on the shelf next to the birdcage.

19. Robots

Fender of Robots fame can be seen laying on the table in front of Flubber.

20. Man of the Year

The tiny flag on the table between Flubber and Mrs. Doubtfire's mask is a homage to Man of the Year.

21. Happy Feet

The hilarious Lovelace from Happy Feet is shown as a disembodied head next to Mrs. Doubtfire.

22. Night at the Museum

One of Robin Williams' most beloved roles as Theodore Roosevelt in Night at the Museum is given pride of place at the top right of the image.

23. World's Greatest Dad

Finally, there is a homage to The World's Greatest Dad with a replica of the mug that Williams clutched in the movie poster.

(Source: Roosterpop)


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