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Last week we learned the rather surprising news that 1995 adventure film Jumanji is primed to become the latest flick to undergo the reboot treatment. Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that a Jumanji reboot will be released on Christmas Day, 2016 - 21 years after the original.

While Sony was excited to announce its new slate of movies, it seems like they should have left Jumanji well enough alone, with fans lashing out at the studio over social media. Among those who believe the film, who starred the late Robin Williams, shouldn't be rebooted, is one of the original stars, Bradley Pierce.

Pierce in Jumanji and now
Pierce in Jumanji and now

Bradley Pierce played the adorable Peter Shepherd in the film, the younger brother to Judy, played by Kirsten Dunst. Following Jumanji, Pierce starred in many more movies and TV shows such as The Borrowers and The Wild Thornberrys, though unlike his on-screen sister, has opted for a lot more voiceover acting in recent years.

Over the weekend, TMZ stopped Pierce and asked for his opinion on the reboot. The actor had some pretty interesting things to say about Sony's choice to remake the film after Robin Williams had passed away:

"At this point it’s a little bit greedy, maybe a little insensitive."

He then went on to add that as far as he knew, Sony had actually approached Williams about making a Jumanji reboot six to eight years ago, but Williams wouldn't sign on.

There's no doubt that if Sony did decide to go ahead with the reboot then they would have some massive, Robin Williams-sized boots to fill; and if the reaction of many is anything to go by, then audiences are tired of continual reboots being announced and are demanding more original content.

Of course, Pierce did suggest something that Sony could do instead of rebooting the film - produce a sequel instead. Speaking to TMZ, Pierce gave his pitch for a Jumanji sequel in which an adult Judy and Peter find the board game, and have to play it with their grown up families. I gotta admit, I would totally watch that! And plus, it totally runs with the theme of the original film when Alan and Sarah started playing the game as children, and finished it as adults.

Only time will tell whether or not Sony will continue with its plan to completely reboot the film, though I'm sure a lot of fans of the original film are waiting with baited breath to see what they'll do.

Watch the whole TMZ interview with Bradley Pierce below:

Source: TMZ


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