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Despite a completely bonkers claim published last week in U.S. gossip site National Enquirer, we can confirm that The Wolf of Wall Street star, Leonardo DiCaprio, does not have fleas hiding in his 'big bushy beard.'

The accused is the rather impressive hairy mound DiCap has been growing for his latest role in The Revenant in which he plays a 1820s frontiersman. Apparently a so-called friend, whose existence is debatably fabricated by the tabloid, claimed that Leo's high profile buddies, such as Tobey Maguire, constantly bully the star about his flea infestation.

"Leo’s being a good sport about it, but it’s starting to, er, bug him now.
Everyone’s begging him to have the beard professionally washed every day, and a few of us have picked him up some flea powder!"

Oh, you jokers.

Once BeardGate was cleared up, CelebBuzz rocked in with some pretty amusing potential ideas for other facial stowaways. Here are some of the best:

1. The Titanic

2. The Heart of the Ocean

3. Kate Blanchett's Oscar

4. Beard Within a Beard, Inception style

Watch the trailer for The Revenant below:

(Source: GossipCop & CelebBuzz)


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