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Arnold Schwarzenegger, arguably Hollywood's biggest, most badass action star, is set to challenge the vicious Texas Rattlesnake and 'toughest SOB in the wrestling business,' Stone Cold Steve Austin, in an all-out brawl. But instead of fists, each will be using joysticks to beat their opponent, both featured as playable characters in the upcoming video game WWE 2K16.

Austin, perhaps foolishly, recently called out the formidable Terminator, taunting him in his characteristically gravelly drawl:

"When you step into a video game with Stone Cold Steve Austin you gonna get your ass whipped."

But Austin wasn't quite done yet:

"'I'll be back.' No you won't be back, because I'm gonna light your ass up with a Stone Cold Stunner, drop you on that stack of dimes you call a neck...end of story!"

Check out the full slew of Schwarzenegger-directed insults below:

Knowing Arnie, this kind of disrespect isn't something that will go unchallenged. Sure enough, the Terminator fired back at Stone Cold, telling him:

"What's the matter with you? Do you have a tumor or something like that?!"

Check out Arnie's full awesome response below:

Despite the bad blood between this pair, they actually have a historical alliance with each other. In fact, the two teamed up to take down rival wrestlers way back in 1999, during vintage-era Smackdown. Check it out below:

We'll have to wait for this rivalry to be settled inside the digital ring, when WWE 2K16 releases on October 27. Who are you backing?


Who would win in a real fight: Arnie or Austin?

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