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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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They say a picture speaks a thousand words. If these images could speak, they would surely scream... and their words would be full of unimaginable horror.

These paranormal photos are eerie snapshots carved from the darkest recesses of our reality, ghosts put to film and captured in an image for eternity. Taken from real life, these skin-crawlingly creepy photographs anticipate the terrifying events of the horror movies that scare us today, sometimes over a hundred years before these moves were made.

That is horror in its purest form...

1. The Creatures in the Grand Caverns

Year Photo was Taken: 1895

What Happened? A photographer, Oren Jeffries, went exploring in the unchartered depths of the Grand Caverns, VA. He was trying out different techniques to capture anything that moved in the cave's darkness. Hearing something scuffling in the blackness, he ran, the flash shooting as he went. His camera was recovered years later, documenting something in the blackness.

See it on Screen: The Descent

Year of Movie: 2005

2. The Hanging

Year Photo was Taken: 1935

What Happened? Viola Peters of McCaysville, Georgia was violently molested and killed by a drifter, Tom Cullin, who committed necrophilic acts on her body for 17 days before he was captured. The townsfolk formed a lynch mob and hung him from an old bridge on River Toccoa. This photo was taken by a witness, who captured Viola Peters' restless spirit come to look triumphantly upon her killer.

See it on Screen: The Strangler of the Swamp

Year of Movie: 1946 (stills from the film below)

3. The Disappearing Woman

Year Photo was Taken: 1935

What Happened? Josephine Yuorno lived in Norwich, CT, taking a brisk walk every evening. One night in 1935 she vanished. Over three years later, Mrs. Yuorno appeared again without a mark on her body and no memory of where she'd been. Five years to the day after her first disappearance, Josephine Yuorno went missing again. This time, she never came back.

See it on Screen: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Year of Movie: 1975

4. The Harlow Twins

Year Photo was Taken: 1938

What Happened? Evergreen Park, Illinois became the site of a tragedy when Tammie Harlow's car spun out of control, sending her twin boys Billy and Stevie flying fatally through the windscreen. Tammie lived but the children were killed. However, look closely at the photograph and it seems that the little twin boys stayed long enough to see their mother rescued.

See it on Screen: Carnival of Souls

Year of Movie: 1962

5. The Tragedy of the Sorrensons

Year Photo was Taken: 1916

What Happened? A Danish family who immigrated to Missouri in the early 20th Century, the Sorrensons fell victim to a horrible tragedy. The three children in this photo were playing on the family farmstead, falling asleep in the hay when they were tired. Unknowingly, their father drove his harvesting machine through them, shredding his children to pieces. The circled area on the photo captures imperfections in the photographic film - marking exactly the location where the children were slaughtered.

See it on Screen: The Collection

Year of Movie: 2012

6. The Collinwood Fire

Year Photo was Taken: 1908

What Happened? Lake View School in Collinwood, Ohio was destroyed by a devastating fire March 4, 1908. 172 children and two teachers were killed. Every single person in this photo died, apart from Mr. Olson, a teacher circled in the back row. Just like in the Final Destination series - particulary Final Destination 3 - his is the only face that is not blurred.

See it on Screen: Final Destination

Year of Movie: 2000


Have you found any old photos that eerily predicted horror movie events?

Source: Imgur, YouTube, Nocturnas


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