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Remember how much everyone loved The Lord of the Rings, and how grateful fans were when the extended editions where released? Well Warner Bros has heeded the desires of fans, and is going ahead with the release of The Hobbit Extended Edition in theaters this October! Finally, the fleeting and cut down experience of The Hobbit can be fully realized in Theaters! Critics sneered at the initial trilogy, with 300 pages of the book extended to 9 hours of movie. Perhaps now they will be happy with 10 hours!

"But what else are we getting?" I hear you ask! A new running time can't be all from this coming release. Well, I'm here to clear up any doubt you might have that this version of The Hobbit is not the definitive iteration we will ever see! Here are just a few other changes to the Extended Edition of The Hobbit trilogy hitting theaters this Fall!

200 fps


The use of 48 frames per second in [The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey](tag:21016) was heavily criticized, but that was just because the entire history of cinema had shaped our standards otherwise, and if anything, 48 frames per second was too slow for us. You really haven't seen the Hobbit trilogy until you've seen it run at a frame rate more suited for the perception of a bee. For the first time in cinematic history, you'll be able to rewatch a movie knowing that you last time missed a third of it due to your lowly human limitations!

CGI Gandalf

Needs improvement...
Needs improvement...

Let's face it; Ian McKellan is getting old, and although he perfectly embodies how the image of Gandalf the Grey, he simply doesn't have the same spritely screen presence he once did. That's why Newline and Weta have made the executive decision to paste over him with a near indistinguishable virtual model. You might think that the predominantly virtual backgrounds in The Hobbit made Gandalf's presence seem a bit weird, but we've come to realize that the problem wasn't an unreal setting, but a real Gandalf. That issue is being rectified for the re-release, making for a more enjoyable and relatable movie experience!

Dwarf/Elf Romance Alternate Ending

Their love will never die. It will NEVER DIE!
Their love will never die. It will NEVER DIE!

We all know how much audiences took to the romance between Tauriel and Kili in [The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug](tag:512310). It was an inspiring tale of love against all odds, and definitely was not an awkward attempt to sort out Tolkein's blindness of female characters. Kili's death was heartbreaking, but what if he'd lived? That's where these new alternate endings come in! Now you get to see an Elf and a Dwarf sit down and truly realize how difficult it will be to make this work. That and a polyamorous relationship with Legolas will be sure to rake in the big bucks!

More Aragorn

Believe it or not, there are actually many questions left unanswered in The Hobbit. You know that part in [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](tag:512312) where Tharanduil tells Legolas...

Find the Dunedain. There's a young ranger amongst them. You should meet him.

Weren't you mad that Tharanduil only gratuitously name dropped Aragorn instead of parading him in front of the camera for all the fans to see? Not to fear! The Hobbit Extended edition has you covered, with footage of Viggo Mortensen taken from the original Lord of the Rings and slotted in wherever it might be appropriate for Aragorn to be in the mix. Of course, this is a younger Strider we're talking about here, so a little CGI will be used to give him that vital youthful look!

The Lord of the Rings Post Credits Scene


The Hobbit trilogy did a great job of coming full circle! It knew that viewers remembered The Lord of the Rings Franchise, and made sure to remind them that they remembered it at every possible turn! The Battle of Five Armies ends with Bilbo at home, with Gandalf knocking on his door to start the story of The Fellowship of the Ring. What post credits scenes could possibly due that justice? How about all of Lord of the Rings? Not even just the beginning; just all 9 hours of it, right up until the end of Return of the King where senile Bilbo asks "did I ever tell you about that Ring of mine". And then we can re-release the Hobbit once more, and the audience will be there forever. Forever and ever and ever!


What was your favorite part of The Hobbit trilogy?


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