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With Marvel's Ant-Man, you got comedy and fun, but you also got an incredibly unique set of action sequences that were dreamed up by some of the most brilliantly artistic creative-thinkers in this world. Yes, I feel comfortable saying that, because with the money Disney and Marvel have, they can afford to make sure they're paying for the best.

In June of 2012, Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) made a pretty compelling argument that he was - in fact - that "best" option. He ended up being credited for the screenplay, but Peyton Reed took the role of director for the film.

Before all of that was decided, Wright had filmed a proof-of-concept reel in less than a week that was designed to demonstrate the look and feel of what he wanted to bring to the table for the film. It was pretty unbelievable.

First, check out the animatic below. An animatic is a crude animation, that is mostly designed to portray the basic elements of the action sequence. This does that, and much much more.

The test shoot animatic

And take a look at the footage brought to life and leaked from San Diego Comic-Con.

The San Diego Comic-Con footage

There's a lot of creative freedom that comes with a character that can fluctuate in size. Let's take a deeper look at that animatic, which was brought to life so excellently by Wright.

The animatic felt just as "real" as the live-action depiction

Sure, it was crude, but it had all the movements we needed to see to fully "get" what the feel was going to be for this scene.

Who would've thought that a scene that Wright sketched together this quickly could create so much suspense?

It's almost as if he brought a comic book to life!

The security guy's tooth getting knocked out was so well executed

I absolutely loved this. It's such perfect attention to detail, while simultaneously not being overly detailed. He put this together very quickly, which to me, is incredibly impressive.


Ultimately, I think that Peyton Reed did a great job directing the film, but Edgar Wright's vision was incredibly helpful. He wrote the screenplay and was able to bring it to life, giving Reed a lot to work with. In the end, they created something great that lived up to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it's success as a global brand.



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