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WBFF Pro Divas are already really badass, super fit women who could crush you (and your heart) with once glance.

So how is it possible to make super ripped women killer chicks even more badass? Carlise Azmitia knows just how. She created a project, advertised on Facebook, in which she asked a group of the best WBFF Pro Divas if they could be turned them into some of our favorite female superheroes in the comic world.

Bonus points? These strong, powerful women are wearing nothing but paint! What better way to show off their hard earned stellar physiques? (This is a good reminder that I need to get my lazy butt back into the gym). Comic Book Movie had the inside scoop on these stunning, yet strong, women.

1. Shannon Petralito as Wonder Woman

2. Jessica Koston as Superwoman

3. Allie Serrano as Catwoman

4. Tabitha Sierra as Storm

5. Teresa Oxford as Elektra

6. Janelle Nicolo as Mystique/Hulkette

To check out more of these lovely ladies, be sure to stop by Comic Book Movie's page to see if they've covered your favorite female superhero.

I feel insanely inspired by these women. They're in shape, they can mess you up if you really push they're buttons, and they're beyond beautiful.



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