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According to Forbes, Vin Diesel made an estimated $47 million in 2015. Soak that in for a minute...

Okay, now that you've gotten used to the idea of Vin Diesel being rich, let me specify to what levels of wealth he's broken into in Hollywood. He is the THIRD highest-paid actor in the world, for the year. Vin frickin' Diesel.

Vin when he heard the news.
Vin when he heard the news.

The only people ahead of him are Robert Downey, Jr. (#1) and Jackie Chan (#2). RDJ because he's one of The Avengers and Jackie Chan because... um... wait, why is Jackie Chan number two?

Jackie immediately after he counted his millions.
Jackie immediately after he counted his millions.

That's one of the most and least surprising things ever. Like, it could really go either way. I'm utterly perplexed by that, but also totally understand this dude runs China, so like -- anyway, this is about #3, a.k.a. Vinny D. Let's get back to him.

Diesel sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss how grateful he is and how awesome it is to be one of the wealthiest entertainers on this planet.

"It feels good when you describe it as impressive. At some point when you reach that level of success you're able to do things like The Last Witch Hunter that are completely original."

Vin Diesel has appeared in many franchises that reel in significant money. Those include The Fast and the Furious, Riddick, xXx, and of course, Guardians of the Galaxy. No Oscar nod for his role as Groot still feels unfair to me because he played a tree that can only say his name and somehow still managed to kill it.

Groot is an iconic character in the MCU, period.
Groot is an iconic character in the MCU, period.

Diesel went on to talk a bit about how he has become an action star, and how he didn't really ever expect it:

"I never started out wanting to be an action star, I started acting when I was 7, so I grew up in the theater community. When I wasn't getting any work I started bouncing at nightclubs. Ten years of bouncing at night clubs in New York gives you something."

I have a feeling if Vin Diesel is bouncing at a club, you don't want to mess around at that club. If he's anything like the characters he plays, he's not going to let any troublemakers off easy. It's cool to hear that he was able to tap into that experience working a regular job to create Dom Toretto and the countless other awesome characters he's played over the (thankfully many) years.

Now, if only he would randomly decide to send me a little bit of that cash... I got bills to pay... Vin, please bro! No, seriously, I have Venmo and Paypal. Either works.

The Last Witch Hunter comes out October 23rd.



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