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If you're a Star Wars fan you're probably already looking forward to [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), which hits theaters this December. It's poised to break a lot of records and keep up this trend of huge 2015 blockbusters in what has been an amazing year for massive "event" type movies.

In other words, movies that you've got to see in theaters (probably the week they come out), because watching them at home means either you're missing out on an awesome movie-going experience or you're guaranteed to come across a few spoilers.

Well, the good news is that you won't have to wait too long for a follow-up to your Star Wars fix with Rogue One, the Star Wars anthology film that will hit theaters in 2016. Apparently, it takes place before the events of A New Hope and the story is going to revolve around a group of Rebels stealing the plans of the first Death Star.

These set photos were released by Mirror Online and they feature the classically clad Stormtroopers. These definitely break the fourth wall. All I can say is it's pretty funny to see Stormtroopers hanging out with the film crew on set. Take a look for yourself...

Everything has been kept pretty tightly under wraps, but we do know that these were taken at Elstree Studios. They show a group of Stormtroopers and part of a ship on what looks like a planet with some kind of tropical climate.

There are a variety of weapons also visible. This movie will mark the first time we've seen the classic version of the Stormtrooper army since Return of the Jedi. Is there anything else you can surmise from these photos?

All I know is that I trust Gareth Edwards to direct the hell out of this movie. And I'm pretty sure he'll depict the Stormtroopers to the best of his abilities... even if, for now, they're kind of just chilling out on set. I mean, Stormtroopers are pretty villainous and evil, but that doesn't mean they can't shoot the breeze and hang out every now and then.

(Via: Mirror Online)


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