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Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) workers at DVD distribution center are left out from the new parental leave policy and are offered much different benefits than white collar employees.

Last week Netflix, Inc. announced its Maternity Leave Policy, which says that new parents, both mother and father, are allowed unlimited number of holidays on the birth of their child or adoption. During this long period, the mothers and fathers will be given full salary as it will be considered as paid leave. The parents will be allowed to work full time, part time, or back and forth during this year without any hesitation. They will have full liberty to go about it however they seem fit.

Microsoft followed in the footsteps of Netflix, Inc. after the largest video streaming service company made this announcement last week. Although Microsoft’s policy will give new mothers 20 weeks of maternity leave with full paid salary and threw in some pre-maternity leave as well.

Apart from Netflix’s white collar workers, it has DVD distribution centers all over the country where the workers are supposed to report to work at 2:00 am. The employees at these DVD distribution centers are offered completely different set of benefits and perks. Their jobs are comparatively more demanding since it includes more physical work like lifting, sorting out damaged DVDs.

According to National Public Radio when asked, Netflix spokesperson said that this policy does not apply to the workers working at these DVD distribution centers and only applies to ‘salaried streaming employees.’ As stated by Netflix, a culture of ‘freedom and responsibility’ is part of the company’s goal. They also added that ‘employees should be allowed to do as they please keeping company’s responsibility into account.

According to Netflix 2014 Annual Report, the company currently has over 2000 employees who are full time and around 261 part time and temporary employees who work at DVD distribution centers. These employees, according to the company are not considered white collar workers and are hence not given the privilege of availing this new Maternity Leave Policy.

One of the DVD workers at Netflix reportedly said that the company told them that they would be stuck with their old parental leave policy. Another worker told the Huffington Post that the salaried employees at Netflix get stock options and unlimited vacation benefits whereas the DVD distribution center workers no long get stock options.

National Public Radio analyzed financial statements and job postings of Netflix and reported that at least 400 to 500 employees there, full time and part time, are not allowed to avail the parental policy as they are not salaried and/or are not a part of streaming.


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