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In February 2013, 21 year old Elisa Lam from Canada was found dead inside a rooftop water tank at the Los Angeles Cecil Hotel. Some have speculated her death was a suicide as a result of drug use. The coroner, however, ruled the death as accidental due to drowning. It was also revealed no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy.

Among many suspicious circumstances surrounding Elisa's death, here are the 3 most bizarre:

1. The Cecil Hotel Surveillance Video

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Police released a startling surveillance tape that recorded Elisa's strange behavior in the hotel elevator only a few moments before she somehow ended up in the hotel's water tank and lost her life.

2. Social Media Accounts

Shortly before her death, Elisa tweeted an article about a Canadian company who had gained funding from the Pentagon to work on futuristic cloaking devices that would be used by the military to make their soldiers invisible.

The development of cloaking devices is a long running project between the United States and South Korea. Many have speculated Elisa was possibly assassinated for knowing to much.

According to conspiracy theorists: Shortly after her disappearance and before her body was found, several Facebook accounts apparently appeared using her name. One of these was called Lam Elisa. There was only one friend on its friend list and this was an American male working for the United States Army base in South Korea. However, I have yet to find any proof of this. Apparently the Facebook account is no longer active.

3. Similar To The Film Dark Water?

This mystery can be compared to the 2005 horror film Dark Water, which is about the death of a young girl who drowned in the apartment's rooftop water tank. As previously noted, Elisa Lam's body was similarly found in a rooftop water tank. In both the film and the Elisa Lam case, guests complained of foul tasting water coming from their taps. Disgustingly, this was due to the decomposing body in the water tank.

Many still aren't sure what truly happened the night Elisa died. The most plausible explanation could be she stopped taking her medications, which she took regularly to treat bipolar disorder and depression. Since no drugs were found in her system it is quite possible she stopped taking them, which could have led to severe manic or psychotic episodes, or even hallucinations.

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