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This week, it seems that the whole world is exploding from the fact that it's Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday. We all know that she celebrated at The Nice Guy in L.A., we all know the party then moved onto nightclub Bootsy Bellows, and we all know she wore a blonde wig. What we also know is that she was joined by her momager Kris, Kardashian sisters, Kanye West and rumored boyfriend Tyga (or are we still calling him her "close friend?").

Regardless, it was a particular present given to her prior to her special day that raised a few eyebrows.

It appears that on Friday, Tyga allegedly gifted Kylie a cherry red Mercedes G-Wagon, which is all very well and good apart from the fact that it apparently once belonged to his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna.

Since the 2013 SUV belonged to his ex-baby mama, it had undergone three paint jobs since it was bought just two years ago. But as you can see above from the license plate, there is no doubt that it is exactly the same car!

Sources are claiming that Tyga told Blac to return the G-Wagon, and then he painted it to give to Kylie on Friday. Ruuude.

But, is there a catch?

Whilst TMZ initially reported this scandalous piece of info, they also suggested something else too, which makes the awkward situation a little less uncomfortable. Apparently, the SUV wasn't a gift for Kylie at all and she was merely borrowing it until her actual birthday party, where Tyga went all out to welcome her into the world of adulthood with a phenomenal gift that did NOT previously belong to an ex-girlfriend.

And apparently, the gesture left Kylie speechless because Tyga got her a white $350,000 Ferrari 482 Italia!

Whaaaaaaat!? You've definitely redeemed yourself with the Italian super car, Tyga. And in turn, we have also learned a valuable lesson to not always believe rumors.

In other news, Kylie also got this sweet Hermes Birkin bag as a present from her family:

Not a bad haul at all this year, Kylie.



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