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The fact that we still haven't had a FREDDY VS JASON 2 over a decade after the first movie has started to get to me, so I'm just gonna quickly tell you how I think the first act should go.

I've not written a full treatment like before with 'WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITH SPIDER-MAN 3' ... but I'll tell you anyway.

The first movie was mostly a A.N.O.E.S movie with it ending at Crystal Lake, so I think this film should be more of a FT13th movie ending back on Elm Street.

At the end of the first movie we saw that both Freddy and Jason were both still 'alive' with Freddy in control of Jason's dreams, so let's begin there ...

1. OPEN ON: a recap of FvJ, told to us by Freddy himself in V.O where he reveals to us that he's still in control of “Momma’s boy”.

2. Laurie and Will get up early and pack up for Camp Crystal Lake. Will is still against the idea of going back to where their friends died, but Laurie needs it for a final act of closure despite how many years have passed. Her therapist thinks it will be healthy her for.

3. Introduce a brand new group of teenagers as they drive out to camp to be councillors for the summer (with other teens already there having prepared the camp in advance).

4. Everyone arrives and are introduced to one and other. Elm street kids do a panty raid for that classic FRIDAY THE 13th feel that was missing from the first flick.

5. Around a camp fire, the kids are told the story of Jason Voorhees (but not Freddy). This doesn’t go down well with the new owner of the camp later. The kids play a game of 'Jason' before being put to bed.

6. The new teens talk about Laurie and Will being distant from them and try and find out why but t no avail.

7. Laurie and Will go to bed. Laurie wakes up to a stone being thrown at the window. She investigates and is killed by Freddy in her sleep. Will wakes in time to see Laurie's body rip open like Tina in A.N.O.E.S 1.

8. Will is arrested in the middle of the night. The noise wakes some of the counselors. Will is sent back to Western Hills screaming about Freddy.

9. Later that night back at Western Hills, Will is hanged in his sleep by Freddy.

I think this is the best way to re-introduce the characters (as well as new ones) and put the name Freddy out there for others to hear and look into (act 2 would see a counselor Googling 'Freddy Krueger' and find a lone page about him, re-awaking his spirit and allowing him to enter the dream of the counselors later.

This would only be the first 20-minutes of the movie and it would end with the camp being closed just days into the activities due to the murders, and the counselors would end up back on Elm Street and the whole street would see Freddy battle Jason in the street. With everyone now being afraid of Freddy he can come back into the dreams of all and not need Jason anymore ... therefore letting Jason 'kill' him and bringing a close to the movie.

Got a better Freddy Vs Jason pitch? Stick it in the comments.

In the meantime, enjoy a FREDDY VS JASON 2 comedy fan-film short sequel :-)


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