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Sometimes it happens that after watching a film, you start wondering what really happened? We've all experienced movies that end and leave us with more questions than answers.

Personally, I very much like films with controversial or ambiguous endings. That way I can watch them over and over and formulate new ideas and conclusions each time. I have listed my 3 favorite movies with ambiguous endings.


The Thing (1982)

Going back to the early 80s, this is one of my favorite horror movies. It has a bit of everything: suspense, practical effects, action and of course an ambiguous ending. It always makes one think: "Did MacReady kill the monster?" But what I like to think is that the monster survived inside him, waiting for the perfect time to attack again.


A good reason why Inception became so popular was That many of the talents that worked on the Dark Knight trilogy, inclding the dirctor, composer and various members, returned for this film. But what truly makes this film a great, is the idea: A team of expert thieves, forgers and architects infiltrate dreams. This film has a great score and killer visuals, and yet again an ambiguous ending.

When the credits start to roll down the screen the only thing we can think about is if everything was real or just a dream. Everything that happened led us to create more theories about the movie and in some cases we could even think about our own lives as dreams or reality.

American Psycho

This film has its place amongst my favorites because of Christian Bale's performance as Patrick Bateman. Not only because he just went through extreme body work, but also his acting skills to play so many different emotions of a character that's known for the lack of some of them. We can see Bateman doing incredibly ridiculous things like trying to feed a cat to an ATM machine, or killing Jared Leto while dancing to Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis And The News.

But by the end of the movie we see Patrick's personal diary full of crazy drawings and doodles about the killings we saw on screen, so the question here is: Did he, actually killed anyone?

We will keep asking ourselves about the truth behind these movie endings, but while we try to figure them out, tell us:


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