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Baldwin Collins

with it's american wide release this Friday. august 14, 2015 all eyes will be on this comedy/action film 'the man from u.n.c.l.e.' the film has already been giving it's Blessing , and endorsement by one of the original cast members David Mccallum a veteran t v/film actor who played the character Illya kuryakin a russian KGB agent alongside american agent Napoleon solo played by Robert Vaughn in a t v series that started in (1964) during the height of the James Bond spy mania, ' GOLDFINGER' (1964) the man from u.n.c.l.e finished it's run in (1968) but the phenomenol success of the show was so popular it spawned a successful toy merchandise based on the Gadgets used on the show.

TODAY the classic show has clubs and fans worldwide who still collect merchandise related to the .u.n.c.l.e show. today there's a new generation of Espionage film fans, young and old who are Eagerly awaiting to see Guy Richie's Directional version . Henry cavill and Armie Hammer are playing the two Agent's in a Origin story. are you a 'man from .un.c.l.e ' fan Eager to see this film ?


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