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Only the savage survive. Play as Mad Max, a lone warrior searching for salvation and his long awaited escape to sanity!

Mad Max Fury Road took the box office by storm last month and now WE have the chance to become Mad Max ourselves! We stand alone, on the border of insanity, a warrior lost within the madness of a baron and savage post-apocalyptic world.

In this action-packed, open world game, every new day hails with it the struggle for survival. Scavenge, find or take what you need to overcome the plague that has washed over the Wastelands. If you want brutal hand-to-hand combat, full vehicular weaponization and a gravelly Australian accent thrown in, Mad Max is your no-holds-barred game for 2015.

As you would expect, big guns, big bombs and fast cars are all an integral part to the Mad Max story but let me break down the five core elements that guarantee the longevity of the Mad Max title.

1. Combat

In Mad Max, we take on the titular character of Mad Max, and are pitted against a multitude of enemy types. With so many enemies roaming the plains it makes sense to have a multitude of ways that we can choose to engage them.

Max has the choice of hand to hand, vehicular attack or full-frontal assault with guns, bombs and grenades.

There are over 1000 weapons and weapon combinations featured in this action packed epic, so finding a firm favorite amongst that lot will not be too difficult. Just remember, Max’s true weapon of choice is of course his trusty shotgun. It is worth noting though that ammo can be scarce, and so melee options are sometimes the smarter way to go.

Hand to hand, Max can perform some truly brutal take down moves. We can snap arms, shatter legs and break jaws with the revolutionary new combat system. Hand-to-hand looks a little like Assassin’s Creed but with that savage edge you don’t see in the rues of Paris. Countless hours of fun to be had here!

If vehicular combat is more up your street then Mad Max has that, too. Your vehicle will become progressively more powerful and hardy (get it… Tom Hardy) as you progress through the game. You can spend XP points on modding your vehicle as your earn them. This will allow you to add anything from rockets, anti-personnel shells and flamethrowers to machine guns and a whole heap more to blast your way through the Wastelands.

I love slow mo! When simultaneously driving and aiming, the game enters into a Max Payne type scenario where time slows right down, this can allow for players to gain the upper hand in many situations. Whether you just need that little extra time to think or you want to make that perfect headshot, the slow mo mode is here and it rocks.

Another visceral plus comes in when I tell you that this game is made by the same studio that brought us Just Cause and anyone that has played any of the Just Cause games will tell you that they know how to make a good explosion!

2. You’re Not Alone

Contrary to original belief, Mad Max will not be alone in his journey. Max will be assisted along the way by various characters and factions that he interacts with.

A more permanent companion comes in the form of an odd looking fellow called Chum Bucket. Chum effectively voices the game; Max is a man of very few words so without Chum Bucket the game would effectively be without monologue.

Chum will assist Max as he drives ever deeper into the Wastelands. Chum Bucket will point out various things along the way, he will assess danger, mark points of interest on the map and give Max hints and tips when working on missions and objectives.

Chum’s talents really come alive when he is working on Max’s car, the Magnum Opus. This guy is gonna pimp your ride!

3. Strongholds Add More Gameplay

Scattered throughout the Wastelands will be numerous ‘Strongholds’, each contain within them a whole heap of new characters, stories and game modes for the player to interact with.

These heavily fortified structures can be found scattered amongst the sandy haze of the Wastelands. They are placed within the game specifically for the player to find. They won’t be easy to find but if you do stumble across one bear in mind that they may contain a fair few bad guys.

Some may be friendly but most, I think we can assume will not. These outposts are key to the game’s longevity and depth; in each stronghold there will be a leader and sub leaders. Each will have a story and each will have a plan. Whether they claim to be friend or foe take heed that people aren't always who they say they are and not everyone can be trusted.

4. Modding

Max comes with his own garage; this is where you can spend time upgrading Max’s vehicles. Using XP accrued by completing missions, killing faction leaders and generally being a goody goody.

It’s all about the muscle, for example, Max's Magnum Opus can be fitted with a meaty V12 engine with a LMG upgrade which gives Max the advantage over lesser endowed vehicles. Max can out maneuver and out gun many an enemy vehicle with this simple combo.

But that is just one of literally hundreds of combos that can be applied, not to mention the vast array of weaponry that can be fitted to the vehicle. All this customization gives the player a totally unique gaming experience. Your Magnum Opus will be unique to you.

Max will also be able to upgrade himself, most likely in a similar way to Dying Light or Shadow of Mordor; crafting trees that represent individual abilities and skills will be accessible.

5. Location, Location, Location

Avalanche has said that the world will not be based on any country in particular, instead choosing to base it more upon the mythology, or tone, of the Mad Max film series. This has given the game designers free rein in their design. The world that they have created is a product of pure imagination combined with their deep love of the franchise.

There are some funky nods to the movie included in the game, such as ‘Dinki-Di’ dog food that Max will have the pleasure of eating and in a similar way to the upcoming Fallout game, Max can have a companion - a dog which coincidentally looks an awful lot like the dog that Max meets in the film.

So, the world will occasionally whisper a reminiscent song into your ear as you navigate your way through the Wastelands but you will not, in any way, be tied into the path of Fury Road.

And I like that, I want a new adventure, I want to visit new places and in this Mad Max adventure we have been treated to just that.

Mad Max brings all the best elements of the open world genre and combines them together with those of an RPG, this game will tailor to gamers from across the board. If you are a fan of the Mad Max movie, this is definitely a game for you; it will not tread on Hardy’s tender toes, but it will provide you with yet another heart-pounding Mad Max extravaganza!

Mad Max releases September 1st on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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