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The wonder that we call film never ends with the credits. It lasts years through the message and visuals that stay in our mind. That’s for normal people, at least. For a geek, a movie becomes a part of his/her culture and lifestyle. They are eager to collect memorabilia from movies, displaying them in their own lairs, proclaiming how serious of a fan they are. I too, have an idea of decorating my living room wall with the unforgettable elements from movies. Here, I’m listing five of those precious props. Currently, my walls are white as a summer day cloud, but I sure hope one day these objects will be hanging on them.

Krueger's glove (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

As a classic horror fan, I have a large backlog to pick from. From Count Dracula’s dark cape to Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask, from Michael Myers' paper mask to any of the Jigsaw traps, horror movies have an abundance of low-budget props. Yet, I sincerely doubt there is a more dreadful, menacing, horror movie weapon than Freddy Krueger’s gloves. With steel claws, Freddy’s stalking of teenagers became a pop-culture phenomenon and a massively successful franchise. A perfect memento for a horror fan, those gloves would be a commendable addition to any collection, even if they are a bit disturbing.

Gladiator Armor (Gladiator)

Ridley Scott’s sprawling epic about a Roman general turned gladiator was a critical and box-office success and it is one of my all time favorites. As the movie recreates the Roman Empire, a lot of work had been put into art direction. As a result, a number of genius production designs took place, including the recreation of The Coliseum and other arenas. The armor worn by Russell Crowe’s Maximus was a piece of brilliance, considering the artistic and aesthetic values. Among many of the famous outfits that have used in movies, I prefer the armor studded with Scarto and Argento.

Hattori Hanzo sword (Kill Bill)

It’s quite normal to decorate your wall with an antique sword. A Hattori Hanzo sword might not be an antique, but it’s priceless for a movie buff to have the sword that was used by the bride to chop off the scalp of O-Ren Ishii. Quentin Tarantino’s stylish masterpiece is filled with iconic objects. From swords to suits, Tarantino created a universe which resembles old Samurai movies and many others. Even though every member of the Deadly viper squad has one, we are drawn to the bride’s sword for a number of reasons: most importantly it is carried by freaking Uma Thurman. It’ll be something to have it on my wall.

Nimbus 2000 (Harry Potter franchise)

An obvious one, the Nimbus 2000 is a hallmark memento for every Harry Potter fan. A well-crafted universe, Harry Potter provided a number of iconic props including wands and costumes. But none of them can match with the idea of Quidditch and the reimagining of broomsticks. the Nimbus 2000 might have lost some value with the appearance of the Nimbus 2001, but we all love this simple, elegant looking piece of wood for the memories it gave us.

Labyrinth replica (The Shining)

This one is a lot to ask, considering how iconic it is. Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror flick had a disturbing production in a literal sense. With his perfectionist approach, it is said that Kubrick’s direction reached a level where instructions became nothing less than torture. Even the location shared the horrors of such a production. The maze that was featured plays a crucial role in the movie. The replica represents a symbolic connection between Jack Torrance’s mind and the real Labyrinth, in which both of them had a twisted way of perceiving things. I would gladly trade my snooker table for this, if I ever got a chance!


Which of these movie props do you want on your room?


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