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So Netflix has just made the brave decision to renew a show that garnered such an avid and passionate following it was like you crammed Firefly inside a jar, and we're now guaranteed Sense8 Season 2! That's cause to celebrate, though what's interesting is the time Netflix took in deciding to renew such a strange and ambitious project. Marco Polo has just as much gusto, yet it was seen as a total misfire. Sense8 risked the same fate if it weren't for a fanbase willing to watch the show up to six times in a row!

The only question now is what we are to expect from Sense8 Season 2! Netflix were clearly calculating the renewal of this show, so whatever us fans get when the second season rolls around will be catered carefully for us. Let's take a moment to think about just what we could see in a second season of 2015's surprise hit, Sense8!

A New Sense8 Cluster?

The moment in Season 1 that Jonas mentioned that this phenomenon was not exclusive to the eight characters in question, I began wondering just how far the unique premise of this show could extend. In Season 2, could we spend the first few episodes becoming acquainted with an entirely new cluster? I should think the current cast aren't willing to be dumped any time soon, so we could even see them going after and protecting newer sensates just as Jonas did in Season 1!

Relationships Taken Further

Will and Riley in Sense8.
Will and Riley in Sense8.

Part of the reason Sense8 resonated so much fans is the fact that, despite dealing with such lofty concepts, it's veritably just a hang out show. There's never a moment where you're forced to care about some higher conspiracy going on in the story. You care because you like being with these characters, and part of that comes from seeing their relationships play out. It's nice to see Nomi and Amanita, Lito and Hernando, Sun Bak and... someone.

More interesting will be to see where the inner-cluster relationships are taken in Season 2. Are we to see Will and Riley last, or will they get sick of essentially being on skype all the time? Does Wolfgang still have a chance with Kala, or is shooting an entire mansion full of German gangsters still not the best way to treat your newfound lady? All this and more to be revealed in Sense8 Season 2!


Riley had the most complex past in Season 1.
Riley had the most complex past in Season 1.

Season 1 made interesting use of flashbacks, giving us fleeting glimpses of the characters' pasts that didn't quite make sense until the season finale. Riley in particular had a most temultuous past, and it played into the final episode brilliantly. That said, it would be interesting to see just how far back the Sense8 phenomenon goes. While I don't want the mysticism of the show to be taken away, a flashback involving the very first sensates, perhaps hundreds of years ago, would be incredible!

Wachowski Weirdness

I will always say that no show can't be improved by just getting a little weird, and when it's a show headed up by the Wachowskis, that's doubly true. The siblings got away with much wackiness this season, with impromptu Bollywood numbers, rocket launchers, and penises abounding, but with Season 2, they are surely freed up to get more fun and bizarre, especially with the imagery. This is the filmmaker team that brought us Speed Racer and The Matrix. We can't expect them to go on the straight and narrow now!

For more on Sense8, just click right here! What are your thoughts, hopes and fears for Sense8 Season 2? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


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