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Sean Bailey

It's been 4 days since his last episode, and I'm already missing Jon Stewart. What can I say? I've been watching his show since I was 3, and it wasn't until he was gone that I realized how important he was in my life. In a way, he shaped how I view society and politics.

Few men had power like he did, and few men used it to the great effect that he did. Before he came along, most programs like The Daily Show didn't tackle politicians like he did. They were too afraid to push buttons, none of them had an angle nor changed people's opinions. So you can imagine how big of a change Jon brought to the show.

It was a change that over time, grew to effect the world beyond his desk. He has inspired countless comedians who have worked alongside him to not ignore what's really happening in the world. He taught them to make people laugh and tell them the hard truths at the same time. If it wasn't for him, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver might not have even existed.

Despite his success at making us laugh, Jon Stewart had a heart of gold. My favorite moment with him was his monologue on the Charleston shootings. You could tell that it wasn't scripted, it came completely from his heart. He dived into everything he was feeling because of that, even though it made us a little sad. And that's why Jon Stewart is and always will be the greatest of his craft. Because he didn't treat his audience like idiots. Like they couldn't handle the truth. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and sometimes did both. He gave us the whole truth, no matter how difficult it was, because he knew we could take it.

I will miss you, Jon Stewart. But I'll never forget you.


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