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The most amazing thing about Doctor Who is that it will never end. No, I'm not a Time Lord. I didn't just go to the future and find out that the show will never end but I have this feeling.I know that Doctor Who will stay strong and keep going for more years! My point is that people become so obssessed with the show that they buy DVDs, books, T-shirts and shoes. Shoes are more important, so let's checkout 5 cool shoes that I found online!

5. Time And Relative Dimension In Space

I love these TARDIS shoes! Do you think that when you wear them they travel you through time and space? Hope so! (Source)

4. Ten and Eleven

Amazing shoes! As you can see, one has the tenth Doctor's suit and the other has the eleventh's. I would totally buy them! (Source)

3. The Doctor meets Sherlock

Ok, I know that these shoes aren't 100% Doctor Who but c'mon! i know you want them! These will never happen in real life.. The meeting of Sherlock and the Doctor! Sad, but true! But hey! Cheer up! You can look good with these shoes! (Source)

Look! Even 11 agrees!
Look! Even 11 agrees!

2. Allons-y!

I want to buy these shoes right now! There are the 10th Doctor's shoes but with 10th Doctor and Dalek drawings on them! So cool! (Source)

1. Beware the Weeping Angels

Beware these shoes! When you wear them they travel you into the past! Just kidding! ...BUT don't blink and don't forget ''That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel''. (Source)

Ok I hope you liked these shoes and you love them, because I love them too. Now I'm going to buy them all. There goes all my money, but is worth it!

Don't forget that Doctor Who is back on 19th September on BBC One with the episode ''The Magician's Apprentice''!

Watch the awesome trailer for series 9 here:


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