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So far, I am yet to see many of the films from 2015. However, I have seen seven of them, so here they are ranked.

7: Paper Towns

I have read the book that this film was based upon and I can say with complete confidence that this movie does not live up to the excellence of the novel. It is riddled with cringe-worthy moments, is not very enjoyable or humorous and completely changes the ending and many other key plot moments from the book. There are some moments that are funny but not many and the best part of the movie is a nostalgia attack for me. 3/10

6: McFarland, USA

For what the film's purpose is, it is done very well. A Disney sports film that is inspiring and tugs at the heart strings at times. It also contains the family element we have come to see from Disney movies. However, I knew what I was getting going into the movie and while I did enjoy this movie and would rate it higher than Age of Ultron star-wise, AOU is higher on the list. 8/10

5: Avengers: Age of Ultron

The sequel to the wonderful, action-packed superhero film The Avengers was one that had me excited from the first teaser released. My most anticpated film of 2015 turned out to be one that I was disappointed by. Not as good as the first movie, Age of Ultron destroyed the tone given by the teasers that I loved. The thought that Ultron was going to be a dark and menacing villain was wrong and the Avengers continued their path of one-liners throughout. However, I did enjoy these humours one-liners and I loved the tie-ins to other films and the action was pretty enjoyable as well. However, this movie did disappoint me as Guardians did last summer, so its ranking is lower than possibly others. 7/10

4: Ant-Man

The latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the one to close out Phase Two of the Universe, Ant-Man was a movie made from a lesser known Marvel property. It had great action, a great story and an average villain contributing to it. It also had some pretty funny moments, but since I went into the movie expecting it to be extremely funny, as that is what I had heard, my expectations were not met on that level. I found Paul Rudd's performance to be one of the things that made the movie great but the movie did not meet my expectations humor-wise, earning a lower score than my top three. 8/10

3: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Rouge Nation was a very fun action flick, one of the best of summer, my opinion and from the critics' opinion as well. It had some humorous moments but overall just had great action, a good story, a good villain and great stunts performed. Possibly the best part about the film was that Tom Cruise supposedly did most of his stunts and given the stunts in this movie, that is incredible. I did not have huge problems with this film, but I just did not enjoy it enough to give it a 10/10. 9/10

2: Jurassic World

Overall, yes the movie probably has some flaws. I do not care about this. This movie is a great action flick, it is entertaining, it has dinosaurs that look great even though they are CGI and has a fantastic ending. The villainous dinosaur is great and overall I loved this movie, simply because of the dinosaurs and the ending. My rating would probably change based on repeated viewings, but as of now, it is higher than the others. 10/10

1: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman, my favorite movie of 2015. Humorous, has a great villain, great action and overall a movie everyone should see. The church scene in this movie is probably one of my favorite scenes of 2015 so far. A fantastic action movie, comedy film, spy adventure, this movie is a chameleon, blending into many different categories and genres. A great film, check this one out if you have not seen it yet. 10/10

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