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First off, it has been a while since I've written anything so it is nice to be back and I am back for a reason....

Let me set the scene, I'm scrolling through my news feed like any other day (not as sad as it sounds, I promise!!) and what to I find, only the return of marvel not really doing themselves any favours with their audience, specifically the female contingent of that audience. Now I don't want to jump on the band wagon and condemn marvel for being satanists but that isn't to say that I agree with their decision either, I'm merely saying I understand where they're coming from.

This might hurt some people to hear but marvel are a company not your best friend so at the end of the day the thing they care most about is their bottom line. I don't think marvel have some grand plan to set back female equality or that they simply are mysoginistic pigs, geeze say that three times fast, but that they simply recognized black widow does not sell as well as her male counterparts and the irony of that is, it's our fault!

Be honest, how many of you are not going to go out and buy the special edition just because black widow isn't on the box. Anyone who admits they would, congratulations, anyone who doesn't .... sure (que sarcastic undertones) It defiitely is stupid that she doesn't feature but we're the one who buy the merchandise and give marvel our money on broducts not featuring our favourite femme fatale and it doesn't look like we're going to stop anytime soon.

In conclusion, I think we should assess how we affect things like this before throwing the book at Marvel but, if Mr.head of marvel is reading this, let this serve to show you that we really want to see black widow on our stuff so come on!


So, are we to blame or am I just wrong?


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