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So the new Fantastic Four, directed by Josh Trank, just got through its opening weekend, and to say that it was less than impressive would be a huge understatement. Making $26.2 million at the box office, the only Marvel movie properties it has surpassed include, films like Elektra and Howard the Duck. With a production budget of $122 million, the movie is banking on huge success world wide; but with terrible word to mouth and critics and audiences alike agreeing about its uninspired and uncharacteristic telling of Marvel's first family, the movie will most likely not even match its costs. So what does this mean for the future of the franchise and what does this mean for Fox movie studios?

First for a little bit of context; back in the late 90s, Marvel went bankrupt and to try to keep themselves afloat, they sold the movie rights to some of their biggest and most popular properties to other movie studios. The Fantastic Four, along with the X-Men, ended up at 20th Century Fox. Since then, Fox has had many successes with their movie properties, but also many failures; included in those failures are 2005's Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. As a result, many people were hoping that this new reboot would revitalize the franchise and bring the Fantastic Four into the forefront of super hero cinema. Unfortunately, as news broke that there were many problems with production and controversies revolving casting arose among fans, the hype for the movie began to dwindle. Despite a couple impressive trailers, the movie turned out to be as unimpressive as critics speculated. With this negative reaction, Fox's announced sequel to the film will most likely not be realized. So what does this mean for Fox and Fantastic Four movies going forward?

With 20th Century Fox now having dropped the ball on the franchise three times, many fans feel the movie rights need to be reverted back to Marvel as soon as possible. The question is, can Fox make a similar movie deal with Marvel like Sony did with regards the the Spider-Man franchise. In this case, the answer is probably no. Unlike The Amazing Spider-Man 2, This new Fantastic Four movie is not showing much promise of making any money for the studio; and the studio has had no luck with the property. Also, Marvel has shown no large interest into including the Fantastic Four into their larger cinematic universe. In other words, Marvel is in no rush to see the Fantastic Four realized on the screen and with audience's reactions to the now three flops, they are not rushing to see another FF soon either. So what are Fox's options? One, they could reboot the franchise again in a couple years, but again there will probably not be too much buzz for another Fantastic Four from Fox. Or two, they could fully sell the rights back to Marvel and make up for their losses from this movie and bank on their hugely successful X-Men franchise. So what happens if Marvel gets the FF back?

Hoping that the rights return to Marvel Studios, the idea is that eventually the Fantastic Four would enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen. However, Marvel has another option, they could do a Fantastic Four television or Netflix series to at least introduce and flesh out the family. With the success of season one of Marvels: Daredevil on Netflix, Marvel has proven that they can adapt their characters on the large and small screen. So what do you think about the new Fantastic Four movie? Do you hope that the movie rights will go back to Marvel? How would you feel about a Fantastic Four TV or Netflix show? Please share this article and leave your comments below.


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