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I'm glad that Dragon Ball Super is at least taking this chance to expand from the story laid out by [Dragon Ball z: Battle of gods](tag:784626). It took some time, but it's the showdown between Goku and Beerus, God of Destruction that allowed the show to flesh out the plot points just a little. It won't take much more of this, and then we'll be back to those classic 9-episode long fight scenes that Dragon Ball Z brought us all those years back. Even after we get through this storyline, there's Resurrection F to cover, so that'll be fun.

Alas, let's keep the TV fandom in the present, and focus on the current goings on of Dragon Ball Super! The show has kicked off with its first real battle, so what is notable about this clash of Gods and Saiyans? Before you read this recap, be sure to check out the article I wrote about last week's episode!

Goku getting the wrong idea!

Not a great start.
Not a great start.

So going into this episode, we all knew any showdown between Goku and Beerus wouldn't end well for our favorite Saiyan. What's interesting is the tone this fight takes. This is perhaps the toughest opponent Goku has ever faced, and yet he's straight up gleeful to get into a fight with Beerus! It has all the air of friendly sparring, yet the fight gets so heated, it puts a hole in North Kai's planet. What I like most is Goku's reaction to the entire ordeal. He isn't bitter, or even angry. He's actually quite glad he's found someone who poses a challenge, and against whom he can better himself. In a sense, that's the very crux of Goku's character!

Super Saiyan 3

Not to make a big fuss over Goku going Super Saiyan level three in this episode, but that's my exact point. It really isn't a fuss anymore when Goku is able to jump to his third form in order to even get a hit in on Beerus. Everyone is of course waiting for the red-haired Super Saiyan God form which Dragon Ball Super has already teased, yet I'm almost wanting the show to ditch the leveling system all together. Akira Toriyama could at least weave some element into the narrative which barred the characters from going Super Saiyan for some time, so it would feel like a big deal when they finally got it back!

Cruddy Animation?

Adurr hurrr.
Adurr hurrr.

Now I'm no connoisseur of anime quality, but it's interesting to have it pointed out here that this episode marks a significant lapse in animation quality for Dragon Ball Super. It's most likely all down to the harsh working conditions of Japan's native animation industries, but it's still a shame to have the first real fight in the show marred by strange proportions, low detail textures and botched facial expressions. Let's hope that the Dragon Ball aesthetic is back to its former glory when the real showdown begins!

Is Vegeta Earth's last hope?

Put simply, no. Considering how Battle of Gods plays out, Earth is gonna be just fine, though the characters sure don't know that. My best guess for Dragon Ball Super Episode 6 is that Vegeta will attempt to hold his own against Beerus and Whis, but alas he's the kinda guy who sunbathes wearing full battle armor, so I'm not sure how much of a chance he stands.

What do you think will happen in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, and of course, by leaving a comment below. Be sure to watch this space for more recaps of Dragon Ball Super!


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