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Justice League: Gods and Monsters is an Elseworlds story where the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman we know and love are replaced with strange versions. Batman is a scientist turned vampire named Kirk Langstrom, Superman is the son of General Zod named Hernan Guerra, and Wonder Woman is a princess from Apokolips named Bekka. This idea had much potential to fail harder than Throne of Atlantis, fortunately I can tell you that this movie was absolutely amazing!

This movie shows the return of a name who worked on classics like Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman Under the Red Hood, Justice League the New Frontier, and so much more DC projects: Bruce Timm.

In this story, the Justice League are very different than the ones than we know, not only are they different people but their methods are different. They kill criminals in brutal ways, they think they are higher than everyone, and their attitude is not that great. This has earned them backlash from the people, many think they are monsters who do more bad than good for our world. Bekka AKA Wonder Woman is starting to hate the people, Hernan AKA Superman is trying to earn the respect of the people but he has his bitterness as well, and Batman AKA Kirk Langstrom (who most of you know as Man-Bat in the regular DCU) is more indifferent about the situation: he wants to do good but he doesn't care what people think about him. In the midst of the team having the most hate for them, scientists all over the world are being murdered in ways that point to only three suspects: the Justice League. Now it's up to the League to stop whoever is framing them and prove they are heroes.

Like I said, this movie could have failed like the last few animated DC movies but somehow Bruce Timm gave us an intriguing, well written movie that I will gladly put in the top lineup of the animated movies. The story was great, from the moment the movie started I was enthralled by this world it set up for the audience and the movie just kept getting better and better and better with an intriguing mystery, beautiful animation, interesting new characters, and an overall brilliant movie. There was even some twists and turns that even I couldn't predict so my hat which I never wear goes off to you Mr. Timm.

My main concern was the writing for the characters. Movies like Justice League War, Throne of Atlantis, Son of Batman, and Batman VS Robin failed due to terrible characterization but that was not the case here. Every member of the League was given great dialogue, fantastically done origins, and arcs that were satisfying. I can't really go into the characters too much since it would equal spoilers but I'll just say that each one is never unlikable, always badass, and even funny. I was expecting to put Superman as my favorite of the team since the regular Superman is my favorite hero of all time and while he was great, he comes second because I loved Kirk Langstrom's Batman. Not to say Bekka was bad, she had possibly the second best origin story of the three that made my jaw drop but the movie had more focus on Hernan and Kirk than her so I put them above her.

All three actors voiced the characters greatly; Benjamin Bratt did a great job as Superman, Tamara Taylor was a little bland at first as Wonder Woman but quickly gets better and better, but like I said Batman was my favorite character and I think Michael C. Hall was the best voice actor here: I felt how damaged and hurt this character was but I also felt that want to do good in him. I hope Hall returns in the animated series because it would be hard to replace him.

My only flaw with this movie and it's hardly a flaw just a minor gripe is that the movie is a little short. Part of me wishes that the climax was just a little longer but like I said: minor complaint. Other than that, I thought this movie is a fantastic return of GREAT DC Animated movies and with the rumored Gods and Monsters animated series coming to Machinima, you can bet that I'll be checking it out because this movie was one of the best DC has ever given us. I give Justice League Gods and Monsters a 9.5/10 or a Solid Platinum in my rating system.

This is one of my shorter reviews, I know but since the movie just came out, I wanted to quickly express my love for this movie. I want to return to these DCA Reviews so I will leave it up to you what I review next!

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