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With as many X-Men films as we have seen, we've witnessed some truly amazing casting choices. Hugh Jackman made a great Wolverine, and who can forget Michael Fassbender's role as Magneto? But the X-Men films could have been very different, especially if these casting decisions happened.

Helen Hunt - Jean Grey

Hunt was apparently attached to the role of Jean Grey after her successes in the '90s. She eventually gave up the role and left the project, leaving the role to be picked up by Famke Janssen.

Channing Tatum - Gambit

There has been a lot of talk with Channing playing Gambit in his own solo film, but did you know that he was originally cast as Gambit in X-Men: The Last Stand? Unfortunately his role was written out of the film, and he was cast once again in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Scheduling conflicts came up and he was replaced with Taylor Kitsch. Hopefully he stays in the part for the Gambit film.

Summer Glau - Kitty Pryde

The incredible Firefly was really excited to read for the part of Kitty, especially because Kitty Pryde was Joss Whedon's (director of Firefly) inspiration for many of his female characters. Glau even reported that reading the part reminded her a lot of Firefly. However, she was beat out for the part by Ellen Page.

Jada Pinkett-Smith - Storm

The popular Matrix actress was actually approached and offered the role before Halle Berry was. She turned down the role, leading to Berry getting the part of the weather-wielding mutant.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Cyclops

When word broke out about the X-Men starting a prequel route with X-Men: First Class, everybody assumed that it would star characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm. Kick-Ass star Aaron Tyler-Johnson was heavily rumored to be signed on for Cyclops, but it turned out that the character wasn't in the film at all.

Viggo Mortensen - Wolverine

Sure, Hugh Jackman was perfect for the part, but before Viggo was Aragorn, there were rumors thrown around of Viggo being in talks with director Bryan Singer to play Wolverine. Perhaps it's best that he didn't play Wolverine though. He probably would have been too busy to play Aragorn then!

Sigourney Weaver - Emma Frost

When Bryan Singer was still heading up X-Men: The Last Stand (also known as back when the film had potential), he had Emma Frost in mind for the story. He initially wanted Weaver in the role, but he then left the project and the character was written out until she was played by January Jones in X-Men: First Class.

Neil Patrick Harris - Nightcrawler

Neil was actually on of the top choices for the role, and his acting skills made him a shoe-in for the part. Unfortunately for him, Alan Cumming spoke fluent German, and that lead to Cumming getting the part over him.

Natalie Portman - Jubilee

Jubilee was originally written in to the X-Men films, and they approached Natalie Portman for the part. She wasn't interested, and turned it down, leading to the role being written out of the film. Anna Paquin's Rogue character adopted many of Jubilee's scenes.

With the rise of superhero films, casting is usually a big hassle with so many A-list actors and actresses trying to get on board, especially with franchises like the X-Men which has been going on for years. I almost wish some of these casting decisions would have happened, but I'm really glad with the cast we have now. What about you? Who would you want to see playing the X-Men?



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