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The countdown has started for Frozen 2, with the cast confirmed to return and an appearance from young Elsa leaving fans guessing as to what the story could possibly be. We've had very little information so far, but some plot hints have been dropped by the producers, and there are plenty of rumours flying around! The most prevalent idea is that Elsa will get a love interest, which has prompted hot debate about whether she should, and who it should be.

So in case you haven't been keeping up with the rumour mill, here's a breakdown of what we know so far, and what we can expect from Frozen 2!

Wickedly Good Plot

Thanks to star Idina Menzel, Frozen has often been compared to Wicked. They have similar themes after all, with songs Let It Go and Defying Gravity as the powerhouse of both musicals. Yet Frozen 2 may draw from a different Oz themed story: there have been supposed hints that the film will draw from Frank L Baum's sequel Ozma Of Oz!

Sisters at heart
Sisters at heart

Though the writing team "still have a lot to figure out", co-director Chris Buck has revealed that they already have the ending planned. So what could this link to the Ozma story tell us about Frozen 2?

In the book, Dorothy teams up with Princess Ozma, the rightful ruler of Oz, to save the royal family of another country from an evil king. The king has the power to turn people into ornaments, and Dorothy and Ozma have to answer his riddles to save the day. In the end, Dorothy is made Princess of Oz before returning to Australia.

It could be that in Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna journey to another land and save a royal family. They must have royal relatives, and it would be great to see the sisters work together to save someone else. However, after researching this rumour it may not be quite as concrete as we'd thought: though first touted as a legitimate hint from the director, it seems to have been inspired by Buck's recent trip to Australia!

So much for that idea. But a possible inspiration from the Oz stories is still on the cards, though it might be closer to Wicked than Ozma.

Unexpected New Love For Elsa!

This is a subject which has divided fans, though it does seem to be likely to appear in Frozen 2. After Anna had two suitors to choose from, Elsa was conspicuously single in the first film (though honestly, would she really have time for love with everything she was dealing with?) Now Anna's married off, and the new Queen of Arendelle may find herself pressured to find a King... or a Queen!

That's right, many people are already suggesting that Elsa break from tradition and be Disney's first gay princess! Frozen already had fans celebrating gay representation, with this little family. Remember these guys?

Hoo hoo!
Hoo hoo!

The internet exploded when people spotted that the shopkeeper's family seemed to have another father! As much as I love blink-and-you-miss-it representation, the studio were quick to debunk this idea. Though you might think the oldest woman is a child, considering her diminutive size compared to the man, turns out she just follows Disney's penchant for tiny women vs normal sized men, and she's the shopkeeper's wife. So much for that. But Frozen 2 might actually go one better and give Elsa a female love interest! Or at least, that's what the rumours are saying.

One of the secrets of Let It Go's success was that it chimed with many people who felt marginalised, especially those in the LGBT community. The song deals with Elsa's feelings of isolation, and her joy that people finally know who she is. While there aren't any obliquely gay themes in the song, it is still a rousing anthem for anyone who has felt they need to hide aspects of their identity in order to protect themselves. Could Disney go one further and provide actual LGBT representation?

Influential Elsa
Influential Elsa

Independent Woman!

It's possible, but unlikely. While Disney have introduced gay parents in a few of their Disney Channel TV shows, that's very different from risking the backlash of shaking up such a lucrative film franchise. But it wouldn't be such a bad thing for Elsa to remain single. With the exception of Merida, every Disney princess so far has been paired up with someone, and it would be nice to see Elsa deal with other important issues, like the responsibility of being Queen, and the origin of her powers (read more about that here). And hey, it would be great to have Elsa express a complete lack of interest in romance: that's representation for aromantic and asexual people after all!

However Disney decide to play it, Frozen 2 is bound to be a roaring success. And with Elsa and Anna heading off to new lands and adventures, we can't wait to see what "terrific ending" they have in store for us!

But what would do you think should happen? Tell us in the comments, or write your own post!


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