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Welcome to another edition of Weeknd Movie blog for the weekend on August 7, 2015 (and on time! OMG!) So the box office numbers are as follows: 'Rogue Nation' takes number 1, 'Fantastic Four' 2, 'The Gift' 3. We have a lot to go over so lets go over the basics. If you dont want spoilers don't read any further, and if you enjoyed all four movies in this weeks list you are stupid. With that being said lets start.

Ricki and the Flash

Out the blocks I did not want to watch this movie and I watched 45 minutes and still didn't get what the issue was, to say the very least this movie is filled with what us black people call "White People Issues". Ricki (played by Meryl Streep) is a touring musician who followed her dream, and left her entire family behind. Pete (Kevin Kline) then marries some black girl, and they raise the family as it should have been raised. Problem number one arises when Streep's real life daughter Julie (Mamie Gummer) is being cheated on by her husband and everything is going down hill for her, and two her kids all hate her and want her to die.

Interestingly enough I did not hate this movie. It's a tear jerking old man thriller with nothing that I emotionally connected to but it was great to see that Rick Springfield (best known for the song "Jessie's Girl") was a. not dead. and b. actually not that bad in this movie as Greg (the lead guitarist in The Flash, who also just happens to be playing Ricki's G notes as well). Long story short the movie ends like you knew it would. It's cheesy as hell and I was neither White enough or old enough to really want to watch it again. Would I recommend it? Once not twice, but do yourself a favor and wait for the DVD or BluRay and red box it.

The Gift

So while watching this movie I thought to myself a very interesting question that I more then likely shouldn't have, "When is rape acceptable?" Best answer... NEVER! However 'The Gift' does raise some bone chilling thoughts and really interesting questions many of which are in the realm of, "what the f% am I watching."

Simon Cawl (funny) and his wife Robyn move back to the Los Angeles area after living in Chicago to run into Simon's old high school acquaintance Gordo. Gordo starts off the movie with some witty puns giving the Cawl family gifts like bottles of old wine and fish to feel their home pound. As many people would have thought from watching the trailer, Gordo might be insane. However this is actually just the ground layer for some very interesting events. Gordo who was mercilessly bullied by Simon in high school, as Simon was endlessly cooler then Gordo in school, only wanted to mercilessly mess with his tormentor. Does he go too far... ABSOLUTELY! He starts damaging some of the finer points of the house, and dons a monkey mask to scare Simon (because Simon has a phobia of apes).

However Robyn (Simon's at times to kind wife) is fond of Gordo, and knows that the issue between the two may, more then likely be Simon's fault. She starts trying to dig into the past when she gets chloroformed and possibly raped (they leave it up to interpretation). However Robyn does end up pregnant, and Gordo does imply that he may have, or may not have had sex with Simon's wife to Simon. There's a few mid details I'm going to leave out, but it was an enjoyable creepy movie. Would I watch it again, yes. Should you watch it? I would also say yes.

Shuan The Sheep

'Shuan the Sheep' by cinema standards is a very old movie. It's be released on in home platforms in the European circuit and I watched it months ago, so I'll say find it somewhere and watch it yourself. The animation is fantastic, and it features very few words. The story's shakey but it's a children's movie so It wasn't designed to care for your critic's point of view.

Fantastic Four

Everyone knows this story already: five scientists work out a way for intergalactic travel, and find a planet that has its own natural energy. Then the planet rejects the interference of this new life form giving all of them special abilities, four of them become a super team, and the fifth... well does not.

That being said 'Fantastic Four' was the worst (very worst) movie so far of 2015! The cast did well enough but the script lacked so many emotional points, and the plot is beyond unbearable. This adaptation of the fan favorite comic book series starts with a young Reed Rchards explaining that he has in fact developed a teleportation device. All the kids in the class laugh except a young Ben Grimm who later helps him steal a power converter from his family junk yard. Seven years later Reed (now played by Miles Teller) and Ben (played by Jamie Bell) are at a science fair which appears to be for children. They have designed the teleporter, and are disqualified for making a "magic trick" and not an act of science. However Franklin and Sue Storm see the show and give Reed (and not Ben) a scholarship to the Braxton Institute of Science.

There he links up with the man who started the project (which makes little sense because of age and what not) Victor Van Doom (played by Toby Kebbell). Johnny Storm (played by Michael B. Jordan) also breaks his car and is forced to help (or whatever). They make the real life size test worthy version of this device and the director tells the kids, that they will not be allowed to take the trip to this new dimension which is saddening to the whole crew, So the three guys minus Sue get drunk and talk about the travesty of the situation and drunkenly decide to take the trip anyway so Reed calls Ben (in the middle of the night) and they go to this new world. They run into the issue of a new world possibly being extremely unstable, the natural energy attacks the machine, however Sue is able to over ride the system and get the other guys home, blowing up the machine and giving the four their powers (because the energy was in the machine it gave Sue powers as well... right?).

Lets stop there for the moment, as this movie goes through so many dumb plot twists from this moment on. Reed abandons this friends to figure things out, and when he's caught even knowing that he's being used by the government helps them build a second machine in hopes of helping his friends rid themselves of their powers. They run into Doom, bring him back, he kills everybody in the government and tries to destroy the Earth to stop anyone from coming to his world (which was only as simple as killing Reed Richards). They end up beating Doom, and the movie ends with the government giving to them their own label.

It was terrible. No I would not recommend, or watch again.

This week in movies gets a 5/10


What was your favorite movie this week?


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