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James Wood

The ending of Furious 7 will stick with me for a long time to come, it acts as a great way to settle the characters down and a perfect tribute for late star Paul Walker. Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa's Oscar-worthy song See You Again perfectly accompanies the heartfelt tribute, a montage of Walker's work in the franchise left me in tears, as with many other viewers. The theme of family and friendship is clear in what is the most touching ending ever, even the hardest of souls will be moved.

Furious 7 delivers outrageously entertaining death defying stunts and surprisingly emotional heft to help to bring the mad action down to earth. James Wan was the perfect choice to take over Justin Lin, his camerawork and style is so sleek and jaw dropping with every single part of the action captured with intensity, most noticeably the plane drop and following car chase alongside a steep mountain. His largely unbroken takes and crash zooms work so well for this franchise.

Jason Statham is a total badass as Deckard Shaw, a lethal movie antagonist who comes out of nowhere and causes a lot of hell for the furious crew. Newcomers Nathalie Emmanuel, Tony Jaa, Djimon Hounsou and Kurt Russell couldn't be anymore perfectly fitted to their roles, each bringing wit, style and new challenges for the team. I absolutely loved Ronda Rousey's appearance as a bodyguard, her presence boasts authority and immediate coolness, she looks great and kicks some serious ass, plus Iggy Azalea's cameo was short lived but I'm a fan, nice little touch there.

I have no faults with this film, Vin Diesel, The Rock and crew give performances that in my opinion are a perfect balance of emotion, wit and passion, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez especially. I'm so glad this film is one of the highest grossing films ever, it deserves that milestone and proves how far this franchise has come.


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