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Tom Cruise is back! Tom Cruise is The King of Action. He returned with the franchise of th best action movies


Currently the Fund was disbanded and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is a fugitive CIA. There was dangerous organization called the Syndicate who do a lot of terrors in the world. Ethan reassemble his team to find Syndicate and rebuild the IMF.

Most people assume that the MI franchise are only about Tom Cruise’s amazing action. Actually, it was not entirely wrong because in Mission Impossible 1 to 3 they only centered on the character of Ethan Hunt. The fourth installment finally gives spotlight to character other than Ethan.

In The Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner succeed steal the scene from Tom Cruise. It is repeated in the fifth installment. Simon Pegg comeback as Benji, the funny British hacker and makes us look forward to his appearance. Rebecca Ferguson, Swedish actress pleyd as Ilsa, a double agent. Rebecca able to keep up with Tom Cruise with the action that is captivating and officially become a scene stealer in this film. Rebecca Ferguson is currently famous in worldwide because of this movie.

Like other spy movie, Mission Impossible priority are:

1. Exotic location

2. Sophisticated Gadget

3. Racing and shooting

4. The action which was tense (diving, climbing tall buildings, etc.)

5. Sexy woman

At the beginning of the film and in the trailer we were surprised by the scenes which Tom Cruise hanging on the plane that will board. Tom Cruise do the scene without a stuntman. Not only in planes, Tom Cruise also take action without a stuntman when he had to dive and hold his breath for 6 minutes. Tom Cruise totality for this movie should be appreciated.

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