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A Little Debunking

Apparently, as I’ve predicted, the show won’t be about Ms. Marvel (although, Ridley confessed she was his preference over the story of Cloak & Dagger originally requested by Marvel). It wouldn’t do to create a “Ms. Marvel” years before the epic feature movie presentation that would be “Captain Marvel”.

It just wouldn’t do.

Not ready for hand-me-downs...
Not ready for hand-me-downs...

Carol's (Danvers) thunder would have been stolen. Names would be confused. Did I mention the issue with the stolen thunder for Carol’s character prior to her arrival in the MCU (and, her scheduled movie)?

Now, I could see creating an “Inhumans” show (or, even a show like "Runaways" - and let that group stumble upon Kamala after she transitions) where Kamala Khan is one of the characters going by “Bendy Girl” or one of her earlier monikers…

But, she got her “Ms. Marvel” name as, basically, a gift from the original “Ms. Marvel” after that “Ms. Marvel” had promoted herself to “Captain Marvel”.

Lots of possibilities...
Lots of possibilities...

And, Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel (and subsequent Captain Marvel) doesn’t yet exist in the MCU.

From that Inhumans show, you could later spin off Kamala’s character (after the “Captain Marvel” movie has run its course, of course) into a “Ms. Marvel” show… but, let’s keep the cart and horse at least on the same road together, shall we?

Cloak & Dagger / Mockingbird & Hunter

Cloak & Dagger have been speculated then discarded as rumors had said they were the show Marvel had originally requested of Ridley and he chose to go another route. So… probably no Cloak & Dagger… yet.

Couples diaries...
Couples diaries...

Some thought it might be a spin-off from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Well, there was an announced spin-off that would have moved Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood (and their Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter characters) from AoS to their own “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”-type production, but it was announced at the same time as the announcement of Ridley’s project. So, that wasn’t it.


Again, Inhumans could be a possibility… but, the release specified the “reimagining of an existing Marvel character” and not of any sort of a group. So, I think we can discard them – as a group…

Secret Warriors is also a group… so, let’s discard them for the time being.

I do think it would be safe to bet the farm (yours, not mine) on the character being a minority… I would think a man of John Ridley’s stature would seize the opportunity to push aside some of the “whiteness” that is Hollywood and delve into the exploration of the struggles of those who are not already well represented in the MCU.

An Existing Character - Reimagined

Maybe Marvel has given him license to take an existing Anglo character and reimagine it into someone vested in the struggle against the perceived oppressiveness of their racial situation.

But, I won’t speculate there – it would be like trying to figure out which grain of sand on the beach is the one that will get stuck to Ridley’s butt when he gets up to go into the ocean for a swim – before he’s even walked onto the beach!

So… who?

It won’t be Black Panther (T’Challa or T’Chaka). He is already slated for his own movie and Marvel is actively seeking a director and writers. And, he’s scheduled for “Captain America: Civil War” as one of the “important” characters in next summer’s blockbuster offering by Marvel. probably not... probably not...

It won’t be any of Marvel Studio’s current female characters (Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Mockingbird, Gamora, Quake… wow, that list is a lot shorter than I was expecting!) or projected female characters (Captain Marvel, Elektra, Jessica Jones) as their stories are already assigned and in progress. I would hope that Marvel would not have a man attempt to write a woman’s story, anyway… That’s what gave us the cinematic catastrophes that were Catwoman and the first iterations of Supergirl and Elektra… ugh!

I don’t think it would be Miles Morales (a later version of Spiderman) as Marvel doesn’t really “own” Spidey and his world – they are just borrowing them from Sony. Ditto for Black Cat, Spider-Gwen, anything Osborn and dear old Aunt May.

Back / Still in the Fold

There is also Namor (provided Marvel manages to regain all his rights!). I can see a guy like Ridley taking on a character who has so much disdain for those who put his own people at a disadvantage.

Lots of other possibilities...
Lots of other possibilities...

I could certainly see it being one of Marvel’s Denizens of the Dark. Marvel has just regained Ghost Rider and would be up for anything that would shake off the stink associated with his previous movie ventures.

Damon Hellstrom (Hellstorm) and/or his sister, Satana? Might be a stretch and Marvel might not want to attach themselves to heavily to God’s implacable enemy – too many Christians might protest.

But, Man-Thing? Werewolfe-by-Night? Blade (also just recovered by Marvel)? How about Brother Voodoo (or his brother, Dr. Voodoo), Gargoyle, Jack O’Lantern, Dr. Druid…

How About... ?

Here’s one I could get behind – Nova. Marvel has introduced the Nova Corps in their “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie and one of them (Romann Dey) happened to be passing by earth (in the comics) when he was attacked and crash-landed near where a certain Richard Rider happened to be strolling – in Queens.

Mortally injured, Dey gave Rider the Nova gear and sent him on his way.

Lots of Nova agents... But, Richard - not Sam.
Lots of Nova agents... But, Richard - not Sam.

Later, Marvel came up with another Nova character on Earth – half Xandarran kid named Sam Alexander from Carefree, Arizona. Sam’s dad was a former Nova centurion who retired to Earth and crawled into a bottle of booze. Sam found Dad’s helmet and, apparently, somehow, signaled Rocket and Gamora who came to Earth to see what was up. Realizing the legacy he had inherited, they decided to teach him how to utilize his newfound gear.

If they go the “Sam” route, I would be disappointed. It would be difficult to develop a story of a Nova centurion retiring on Earth far enough back in time that he could have a 15-year-old son in the current day. Does Xandarr even know of the existence of Earth?

A high school in Queens
A high school in Queens

But, I could see Richard Rider! And, nothing says Rick has to be white (other than a long string of comic books, but Nick Fury had that, too – and, Sammy “the L” Jackson played that role to the tune of awesome.

Rick is a kid from Queens. He’s not a star on the local high school football team, but he’s not really a klutz, either. He has girlfriend problems (he’s a kid! Of course he has girlfriend problems!); he has problems relating to the cosmic nature of his “deputizing”; he has trouble relating to his mom… This character is one a guy like Ridley could really sink his teeth into.


Here you go: Moon Knight! Yeah… he was white in the comics… but, he was a taxi driver, too! He could be an Iranian refugee... or Turkish... or Indian! Or, he could be black or Hispanic. He would need to have a reason for having been in Egypt raiding a dig in an ancient burial ground. And, he would need to be more than just a lackey.


So, who will it be?

My money is on Nova. But, I also wouldn’t discount Moon Knight! Either character could be brought to ABC in a series by a talented writer who has stories to tell. And, John Ridley is one of those talented writers.

And, there's also...

Spiderwoman... Jessica Drew would be a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Marvel shares the rights to Spiderman with Sony (but, Sony actually owns the character - Marvel can borrow him, though), but all reports are that Marvel still owns Spiderwoman - she's more a product and an associate of S.H.I.E.L.D. rather than a member of Sony's Spiderverse... And, with their newly developed good relations with Sony and the two studios ability to work together, Marvel should be able to bring her out. And, offering to share her back with Sony should they want to be able to use her, too, might already have been negotiated when Sony lent back Spidey to Marvel.


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