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Forest Gump, arguably one of the most iconic and well-written movies of all time. From Tom Hanks to Sally Field, this 90's movie had an all star cast. But 21 years is a long time, and people change. So we are going to go back, and take a look at them then, and them now.

Tom Hanks - Forest Gump

Tom Hanks was the main character in Forest Gump, considering the movie was named after this character, and did a great job in the role. 21 years later, Tom Hanks has remained an extremely popular actor, and probably the most popular on this list.

Robin Wright - Jenny Curran

This Texas born actress has maintained a fair amount of acting since Forest Gump, with the Netflix series House of Cards as her most prominent. She may not be on the same level as Tom, but still has a resume.

Gary Sinise - Dan Taylor

Another actor that has kept up his career, is Gary Sinise. He is most known for CSI: NY, and Apollo 13. He starred with Tom in Forest Gump in 1994, and again with Tom in The Green Mile, in 1999.

Sally Field - Mrs. Gump

Probably the most popular actor on this list, behind Tom Hanks, Sally Field has definitely made a career for herself after Forest Gump, with Lincoln, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Mykelti Williamson - Benjamin Buford (Bubba) Blue

Best known for his touching role as "Bubba" in Forest Gump, Mykelti's career has slowed down since Forest Gump. He has made a few TV show appearances, but nothing prestigious as Forest Gump.

Haley Joel Osment - Forest Gump Jr.

An young actor that proved to be one of the best of his generation, Osment hasn't acted too much, but what he has done has been very well done.

Michael Conner Humphrey - Young Forest

The little boy who played young Forest Gump has grown up. Michael Conner Humphrey may not be the most known actor on this list, but we all love, and remember him because of Forest Gump.

Hanna Hall - Young Jenny

Another actor who's career partly faded away after Forest Gump, Hanna Hall is most known for her role as the young version of Jenny Curran. She may not be the most popular actress, but she will always have a place in our heart.


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