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As the fall premiere of CBS' Supergirl draws near, the show's star Melissa Benoist has been chatting the series up and enjoying the experience of her new superheroine role. As wholesome as grandma's French toast, Benoist sat down with The Denver Post, a local outlet of her hometown in Littleton, Colorado, to chat about the impact that the role has already had on her -- as well as hundreds of young female fans. At a recent screening that was held for 400 mothers and daughters, Benoist was met face-to-face with the reality of Supergirl's impact:

I had only watched it with my family. It was pandemonium! It was a little telling, maybe this is what is on the horizon.

The young actress, who previously appeared on Glee and a breakout film role in Whiplash, has definitely taken a liking to the character of Kara Zor-El, digging deep into her lore and finding a newfound appreciation for superheroines. When it comes to Supergirl, Benoist's favorite aspects of the character rest within her differences from a conventional comic book heroine.

... I like how modest (Supergirl) is. It's not anything about sex appeal, it's not about anything but her strength and her drive and how motivated she is to make a difference for the better.

As for Supergirl herself, the young heroine is just beginning her journey, appealing to a mass audience on the basic principle that changes in life, or the decision to change the course of one's life, can be scary -- but not impossible.

"You'll just remember that strength and bravery and hope that she brings," said the actress. "She is strong, brave, not a girl. But (calling her that) is intentional... are we ever all woman or all girl?"

Melissa Benoist takes to the air as Supergirl on Monday, October 26th.


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