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You know those signs you get on the freeway that say "Slow down collision ahead?" ... Apparently they don't have those in GTA 5!

This Grand Theft Auto player has unwittingly set a world record for the biggest crash ever recorded in Grand Theft Auto 5. Gamer and YouTuber 'Hoosker Don't' must of thought that he was pretty lucky to come off relatively unscathed after he and his bike collided head-on with a car while cruising down the interstate.

Little did he know that he was about to unleash a level of carnage so great that even Skynet would pale in comparison.

How It All Went Down

After saying a quick prayer and wiping himself down, Hoosker Don't was about to pick his bike up and carry it on along his way. However, it was at this point that the games A.I. went into total meltdown mode, culminating the most epic of pile-ups ever seen.

This video is a whopping five minutes of carnage but you can't help but laugh the whole way through, as explosion after explosion reverbs around the hills as car after car joins the pile-up.

The chaotic screams of desperation as people clamber out of their trucks and cars in an attempt to escape the devastation is pure comedy gold...I am not an anarchist, I promise.

Even the emergency services are at a loss as they smash head first into the back of other vehicles, the drivers emerging from their cabs totally engulfed in flames.

One ambulance that does manage to stop in time, doesn't fair much better. The paramedic jumps out to assess the damage before deciding to run back to the safety of his truck...only to be run down by the next car to join the destruction.

Get ready to revel in total chaos for the next 5 minutes!

GTA 5 is the gift that keeps on giving. From extreme stunts to explosive carnage on the roads, I never get tired of seeing what you guys get up to on the streets of Los Santos.

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