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So, the new Fantastic Four movie that has come out and has been bashed by both critics and audiences alike and has opened with one of the lowest opening weekend box offices of any big superhero movie. Now I'm not here to talk about the movie because you can read my review here, I'm here to talk about what Fox is going to do with the Fantastic Four, and all I see is it could go one of three ways.

1. Give Back (or Share) the Rights to Marvel

The Fantastic Four and the Avengers
The Fantastic Four and the Avengers

Now this option is probably the most popular option from the fans. If Fox gave the rights back to Marvel, here's the good and the bad of what could happen.

Good: When Marvel gets the rights back they could use characters such as Silver Surfer, Galactus, and my personal favorite, Kang the Conqueror. But I think the most epic villain that they could use is Dr. Doom. Here's how I would see it, have Doom in a Fantastic Four movie but then set him up as the main villain in a Avengers movie where they team up with the Fantastic Four! Oh man, that would be amazing!

Bad: If Marvel gets the rights to a Fantastic Four movie, we probably wouldn't even see Marvel's first family until Phase 4 in 2019 or 2020! Another problem which is my biggest problem with this is if Marvel makes this another franchise, we probably wouldn't see as many other new Marvel stand alone movies in the future because let's be honest, guys, Marvel Studios can't pump out 10 movies a year, they're only human!

2. Keep the Fant4stic Franchise and Crossover with the X-men

The Fantastic Four and the X-Men
The Fantastic Four and the X-Men

Now in my opinion, I would rather see this one. The Fantastic Four that they have right now is such a good cast and with a director like Brian Singer behind it, I think we could really see something special. How I could see Fox doing this and I think this is the only way I see them do it is before another Fant4stic sequel, you HAVE to have them crossover with the X-Men first! That way if it's a good movie, Fox could regain the trust from the fans and it would make money because they're doing a really good job with their X-Men franchise right now. But let's get to the good and the bad.

Good: If this franchise stays with Fox, then that would mean we would get more superhero movies out a year because we would get a Fantastic Four movie, an X-Men movie, and a crossover movie from Fox, and then Marvel Studios would start to put out their three movies a year, and then we would also have DC put out movies, that's like 8 comicbook movies a year!! Another good thing is we wouldn't have to recast because the cast they have right now is incredible, just they were put up with bad writing in the last movie but they have something special.

Bad: We probably wouldn't see the Fantastic Four with Marvel any time soon and they could set themselves up for disaster later.

3. Reboot AGAIN

Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate Fantastic Four

Honestly, I really don't want this to happen... There's really no reason to do this whatsoever! So let's get to the good and the bad.

Good: Now that Fox has learned their lesson, they start working on the reboot right now and really take their time and not rush it. They could also give us an older cast like what most of the fans wanted. And uh... that's all I got really.

Bad: If they reboot again, we would have to wait another 5 to 10 years reboot to see these characters again and we could run the chance of Fox just making a sloppy movie just to keep the rights back from Marvel like we got from this last movie and the previous 2.

Now some of you may think that there is a fourth of just giving up on the Fantastic Four and to that I say that would never happen. If Fox gave up and stopped making Fantastic Four movies, it would just eventually go back to Marvel and then Marvel would probably make a Fantastic Four movie.


What do you want to see happen to the Fantastic Four?


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