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I'm taking on the MoviePilot Challenge to create my own team of four fictional characters.

The Captain- Jedi Master Yoda

When choosing a leader, I want someone who has enough power to keep the team in check, and also can be a real leader. The leader of the Jedi Order has the right skills for the job.

  • Has the Force
  • Excellent Lightsaber Marksmanship
  • Very Wise

With Yoda in command, there is a very unlikely chance people will step out of line, unless you're Anakin Skywalker. Who else would join him on his team? I'm glad you asked.....

The Thief - Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

Let's face it, even heroes get their hands dirty to do the right thing. Stealing things from villains or infiltrating bases is a very important part of saving the world. With Ant-Man on the team, the job gets easier. As he can getting inside secure areas with the help of the Brains of the Operation (He's Next) Lang has criminal know-how and can shutoff security systems inside, take out guards, and free prisoners. He can do this without being seen too, so win-win.

  • He can Shrink
  • Has Criminal Abilities
  • Can Use Ants for Help

Now, what if getting inside your target was a problem, and you needed some genius to help out....

The Brains- Donatello

One of the best techno-wizards in my opinion, is Donatello of the Ninja Turtles. Hacking Files, Shutting Down Security, and Building Robots are some of his abilities that would be very useful against evil. Oh, and did I mention he's a trained ninja? You get a close combat fighter, and a hacker/computer genius on your team, bingo.

  • Ninja Skills
  • Computer Genius
  • High Intellect

Now the last member of the team is a tricky one, I couldn't think of anything else to add that would make sense. Then I remembered....

The Raw Power- Superman

Now you need someone who can just bring down the bad guys. Sure, they might not be easy to control, but they make up for disobedience in raw strength and power. Who can possibly fit that category? Superman of course. One of the most powerful heroes ever created, Superman fits into this category perfectly because of his strength, heat vision and super breath, flight, and invincibility (With the exception of Kryptonite.)

  • Super Strength and Flight
  • Heat Vision
  • Invincibility

What do you think? Comment below....


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