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Nathaniel Rego

Originally, Dante has appeared in Dragons 2 (2014), Dijango Unchained, and Guardians of the Galaxy. He's threatened humanity as the voice of Drago Bloodvist, served Thanos and Roland in Guardians of the Galaxy, and portrayed a weak ass villain in Dijango Unchained.

Now; Dante is playing the infamous Bizzaro, Superman's backwards and evil counterpart, created by Jesse Einsenberg's Lex Luther, in Man of Steel 2 aka Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Like Lex Luther in the future sequel to Man of Steel (2013), Dante's Bizzaro will prove an intensely vile opponent to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Dante intensionally "saves" (threatens) the world as Bizzaro in Man of Steel 2 as of March 2016.


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