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This past week's annual press tour of the Television Critics Association has helped launch another year of wild anticipation for upcoming seasons and new superhero shows. CBS' Supergirl in particular has gained a considerable amount of attention and favor thanks to a successful Comic-Con presence and fan-centric events that brought young girls face-to-face with the series' star, Melissa Benoist herself.

At the event's Supergirl panel, a slew of familiar faces from the DC comic universe were announced, and several previously announced characters were reconfirmed. After the panel, the official Supergirl twitter account recapped the news:

A long-time member of the Justice League, Red Tornado might stand out to recent comic book fans as one of the primary mentors for Young Justice, a team often spearheaded by the current Robin as an off-shoot of the League. Red Tornado shares several similarities with Marvel's The Vision, including his roots as an android with human intelligence and physical presence.

Alongside Red Tornado, the other stand-out announcements might help power the speculation of Superwoman's appearance: Jenna Dewan-Tatum was recently cast in the role, but with the casting of both General Lane (father of Lois and Lucy Lane), who was partially responsible for the temporary superpowers given to Lucy that turned her into the antagonistic Superwoman. Non's involvement is a little harder to guess at, but he's no stranger to the Superman storyline, and it seems as though the series is borrowing heavily from the enemy pile of Kara's cousin to begin the show with.

Expect more casting news as summer wraps up and fall promotion begins -- along with specifics on what roles other new cast members, such as Livewire, will play in the show.

Supergirl premieres on October 26th.


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