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From Christopher Reeve to Henry Cavill, there have been more than a few actors who have played Man of Steel on screen. Since there are many actors who have played Superman, that also means that there has to be a lot of Superman movies. And since there are a lot of movies, that means that there has to be a lot of people that almost played the role. So, I have some of the craziest casting choices that almost happened.

Ashton Kutcher

Yes, that's right, this almost happened. As well as being considered for the role as our favorite caped crusader, Ashton Kutcher was almost cast as the Man of Steel.

Muhammad Ali

Could the world greatest boxer, be the world's most powerful superhero? Well, maybe, because it almost happened back in the 70's. But, sadly, it didn't happen.

Al Pacino

Wouldn't it been crazy if this Godfather actor played Superman? The answer is YES! Even though Al may once have been a good actor, he is definitely not suited for the role as Superman.

Zac Efron

......I don't think I have to say anything......

Dustin Hoffman

Another actor that we are probably happy they didn't get the role, Hoffman is a great actor, but not a Superman type. I think the only reason he was considered was because of his acting ability.

Neil Diamond

I know what you are thinking, "What the f***!" But, it did almost happen!

Will Smith

Ahhhhhh.... Before Hancock, Will Smith was offered the role as the Man of Steel. But surprisingly turned down the role. He felt that he did not fit the role since he was black. But I think he would have been a great Superman.

Clint Eastwood

Yes, Clint Eastwood almost did something that wasn't a's hard to believe! But, he almost stole the role from Christopher Reeves.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

0-o....... Yes....... Imagine what it would be like if Arnold would have gotten the role. A buff, Austrian Clark Kent! That's what I call cinema.

Sylvester Stallone

Another choice that seems hard to believe almost happened, Stallone was almost chosen as the one and only Superman. While the casting crew was deciding if they wanted Christopher Reeves, because of his lack of physical perfection, they flirted with the idea of Schwarzenegger, and even Stallone.



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