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What's up guys its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X in a new series here for the first time ever on Movie Pilot! Every new upcoming movie I will give my opinion on the movie if we should watch it in theaters or not, here is my new series called, "Worth It?". So Straight Outta Compton will be the real life story based on the rap group of N.W.A. and their journey back in Compton, CA in 1987. Now the trailers showed basically the lives of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Eazy-E, not really MC Ren or DJ Yella, but its been said that the three main guys that are to focus on are Dre, Cube and Eazy. In the trailers, they show a bit of how they live their life with the police stopping them simply if all they are doing is go home, Dr. Dre already has a kid and lives with his aunt, and as for Eazy-E, he basically sells drugs and gets screwed over. Once Eazy-E in the trailer says, "If you had the chance, to change the situation, would you take it?", and then on they started wring music and show what they think about themselves and how they live in the street of Compton. Now something that feel weird about this movie is that the real Eazy-E will not be getting involved in this movie, however his kids got a chance to be in the studio and check it out, now I doubt that they will screw up his story considering how good of a friend he was the the N.W.A. crew, and I'm just curious if he'll be in the movie too much or too little. Another thing I would be curious about is seeing Ice Cube's son, O'Shea Jackson Jr., play him, and I would wonder if he is a better actor than Ice Cube himself, we've only sen him on a handful of movies like Friday, Are We There Yet?, 21 Jump Street, and many others, can this be the rise of a new generation, after all it did take O'Shea Jackson Jr. 2 years to be in this role. Speaking of Friday, F. Gary Gray will be directing this movie as well, and he even knows some of the story of the streets of Compton, he did mention he was part of the riots back in 1987. I personally would say that this movie will be WORTH IT! I'm a huge N.W.A. fan and I want to see their story come to the big screen, I know lots have people have anticipated for the release and this Friday we will witness the history. I want to know your thoughts, vote Yes or No if this movie will be worth it, but first watch the trailer if you haven't already. Once again its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X and Until Then, I'm Out, but when I come back boy, I'm coming Straight Outta Compton!


Worth It?


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