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When I read that the critics said this movie was bad, i was appalled, as I have followed this movie from it's conception. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2005 rendition. Well I finally got to see this one today. I was excited, regardless of the critics, in my experience, movies they hate, i normally love, which really sucks because they don't normally get sequels. So here's the good, the bad and the ugly review of the reboot.

The Good:

The cast is amazing.

Miles Teller (Divergent) plays Dr. Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic

Miles Teller as Dr. Reed Richards
Miles Teller as Dr. Reed Richards

Pulls off the major science nerd better than Ioan Gruffudd in my opinion, though Teller did seem a bit young for the part.

Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) plays Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch.

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm
Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm

He wasn't quite as much a womanizer as they made Chris Evans in the 2005 movie, but the crazy adrenaline fueled risk taker, they nailed. Regardless of the race change, i can't think of a better person to play the part. black, white, or otherwise.

Kate Mara (House of Cards season 1) plays Susan Storm aka The Invisible Girl.

Kate Mara as Susan Storm
Kate Mara as Susan Storm

Her part wasn't really big enough to give much of an opinion on. The parts she WAS in, she was good.

Jamie Bell plays Ben Grimm aka The Thing.

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm
Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm
Jamie Bell as The Thing
Jamie Bell as The Thing

Unfortunately Bell didn't have much of a big part either. They established that Grimm and Richards were friends and that's about it.

The Bad

Mara and Bell didn't have big enough parts. Neither barely had any speaking parts. You didn't see Bell hardly at all before they decided to go to a different universe and even after he changed into The Thing you don't hear him talk much.

They didn't establish just how good of friends Grimm and Richards were, except to say they were friends since 5th grade.

There was almost no back story to Toby Kebbell's character "Victor Von Doom"

The Ugly

It took WAY too long to get into the story. I expect a little while to get into the story due to it being the beginning, but i didn't expect the entire movie to be spent explaining, and not too well i might add, how everything got to where it was at.

There needed to be more interaction between the characters, instead the movie felt like 4 stories were being told at the same time instead of 1 story about a team of 4. There needed to be more back and forth insults between Torch and Thing.

And the final fight scene was so short. I expected more at the end, especially since they spent the entire movie building up to it. The movie is only 1hr and 40 minutes long and probably should have been 2 and a half to 3 hours long.


I still give this movie an 8 because they have the potential to make a sequel and correct some of the mistakes made in this one the acting was good, even if the writing was bad and the special effects were awesome. There's talk that Marvel is thinking of scrapping a sequel for this, which i think is a huge mistake but who am I to them right, and making a Deadpool 2. Though i hope a sequel to Deadpool gets made, i want my cake and eat it too. Fantastic 4 sequel needs to be made, to give the writers and director a chance to redeem themselves.

I still recommend seeing this in theaters so it will warrant having a sequel.


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