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Curb Stomp is a mini comic series from the creative team of Ryan Ferrier , Neil Lalonde and Devaki Neogi. The comic series was published by Boom! Studios and follows a rebellous female gang.

The Breakdown:

This indie comic series has a title which some may find off putting , curb stomp is not the most pleasant word there is and hearing the title you would not expect the comic series to follow an all female lead. Despite having an all female lead , the comic appeals to both genders perfectly and keeps suspense and drama througout.

The Fever.
The Fever.

The Story:

The story follows a group of 5 girls called The Fever , who live in the borough of Old Beach. The area is generally avoided by the cops and so this causes The Fever to take law in to their own hands and to protect each other and their home area. A treaty was passed between The Fever gangs and others to keep peace once the gangs keep to their own turf and do not go to other gangs turf. Things take a drastic step out of line when The Fevers leader comes across an unexpected encounter with members from a rival gang , as she becomes the law giver and punisher for the gang members stepping on to her turf , she becomes totally enraged and sorts one of the trespassing gang members by means of violence. Her actions do have consiciences though , as a result of her carry on an all out gang war has begun.

The Characters:

The comic has a great character line up all of whom become more and more developed throughout the story , we actually feel the horror and nerves of what these girls are facing in the story. The Fever has 5 members , all of which have bizarre names which are unique to them and tells us a lot of what they girls are capable of doing. The Fever consists of Derby Girl , Bloody Mary , Machete Betty , Violet Volt and Daisy Chain. To these girls , turf wars are simply a way of life and something that is in existence in their lifes whether they want it to or not. Each member of The Fever has her own unique feel , look and sense of morality in their savage turf war world.

The Characters of the Fever.
The Characters of the Fever.

The Art:

The art in this comic series is perfect for capturing the vibe and mood of the story and is like none seen before in any comic. The blend of edgy shady with flamboyant colouring makes the scenes from panel to panel , page to page really come to life. The artist of this art in the comic is Devaki Neogi and he helps to capture tension and aggressiveness all why showing the light sides to the story when needed.

The Sum Up:

Curb Stomp is a unique read and is differant to other contemporary comics with its alternative theme and characters. It is similiar to cult 70s film The Warriors , despite having an all female team. Curb Stomp art is a fresh take to how an artist can use his work to help maximise the power of the story and the mood it is setting. The comic is rebellous and shows the lengths people will go to just to protect their home and their loved ones.


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