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I love Marvel and DC and I am up to date on nearly all superhero news.

So recently a new picture from a clip that basically nobody saw for Captain America: Civil War was leaked online. There's no information on where the clip was shown or how anybody got a hold of it so don't take this too seriously. Although it does look promising based on descriptions of Spidey's homemade suit in the movie.

Like people have been saying he has large web shooters, a mask of some sort, and he's also wearing a red and dark blue (black maybe?). It's very similar to the concept art someone redrew here...

My sources say that Tom Holland will wear a homemade suit sometime in the beginning of the film, but by the end of the Civil War will sport some kind of tech suit similar to the Iron Spider suit, built by Tony Stark to win his favor in the fight.


What do you think? Real/Fake?


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