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Movie Pilot's newest contest:

The Challenge

Our universe is facing a threat the likes of which has never been seen before. The 'powers that be' have released little information, but we know our world is in jeopardy and we must defend it with our lives! Your mission: Put together a fantasy team of your favorite fictional characters and film personalities from any fandom (movies, games or TV shows) or cinematic universe. Create your own team name, choose 1 team captain and 3 'draft picks' to make up your dream team.

Challenge accepted. Righty-oh, Here we go.

Team Captain: The Doctor

Repeatedly saving the world is kind of his thing...
Repeatedly saving the world is kind of his thing...

I figure that, with "a threat the likes of which has never been seen before", the team will need to be lead by someone that isn't necessarily the most powerful person in the universe, but instead has more experience than nearly anyone in fictional folklore. They would also need the wisdom and resourcefulness to be able to draw the team together and lead them. We would need someone that even the most destructive forces in the universe would respect. That person, without a doubt, is The Doctor. The man has seen more and experienced more trouble than anyone alive or dead, and dealing with new never-before-seen threats is a fairly common for the guy. Nevermind that he has saved the world, nay, several worlds, more times than probably even he can count....and is hesitantly capable of ending an entire species' existence if absolutely need be.

After receiving word of this threat using his various random technologies hobbled together after literally a thousand years or so of traveling the folds of creation, he uses the TARDIS ( his home and means of transportation ) to span dimensions, recruiting the only people that might have a chance of deflecting the incoming threat. ( How else are we going to bring people from all over various media together? ) you'll soon see, we would need The Doctor to lead if for no other reason than comic relief, as the rest of the team is a wee bit humorless, and I would love to see his reactions to the other characters on this list. Bonus points for him for being able to regenerate into a new form should he die as leaders are prone to doing, and for the very real likelihood of his previous incarnations breaking the ever so irritatingly pesky rules concerning wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff to join the battle later on in the game.

1st Round Pick: Dr. Manhattan

Behold! The power of creation....and S'PLOSIONS!
Behold! The power of creation....and S'PLOSIONS!

Meet Jon Osterman. He is a former nuclear physicist. He enjoys longs walks on the beach....beaches that he generally creates.....and then destroys to see if he can create better ones. His astrological sign is...well.....he would tell you it is irrelevant, that time is an illusion that he can see it all at once anyway. Hobbies include seeing things on a microscopic level and attempting to create life.

He's got a few personal issues. Several people would call him emotionally distant and hard to relate to, and many find his clothing decisions to be less than adequate, but he compensates for this by being able to control both atomic and sub-atomic particles, by being able to teleport, and by being able to alter the molecules in his own him the ability to increase or decrease his size and even phase through objects.

Career highlights include, but are not limited to....

- Pretty much single-handedly winning the Vietnam war (in an alternate timeline)

- Building really nifty glass sculptures on the surface of mars. Seriously....they were really big. And they floated and junk. You should have been there.

- Obliterating everyone in a press room after having a bit of a hissy fit ( apparently, he has some personal-boundary problems )

- Erasing a certain homeless vigilante from existence.

- Getting blown up and reassembling himself....twice.

Second Round Pick: Silver Surfer

Self-reflective Shiny Powers ACTIVATE.
Self-reflective Shiny Powers ACTIVATE.

" So...sorry....I'm a little new at this. A friend recommended this site to me, and I don't usually go for this sort of thing, but I thought why not give it a whirl, y'know? A bit about me. My name is Norrin Radd. I'm from the planet Zenn-La. I don't really go back there anymore. There is this girl I used to see that has a really nice apartment there, but....I dunno...I guess we kind of drifted apart. At least you know you don't have to meet my parents! ( sigh ) I dunno...there was this big misunderstanding...this giant purple dude was all I'm gonna eat your planet! And I was all like NOOOO! And then he was all wanna work for me? Great benefits! I won't eat your home and junk. So I took the job.....and he screwed with my planet anyway."

" I've tried to put it all behind me. I travel a lot. Planet hopping and such. You could say I'm homeless, but I like to think the whole universe is my home. I know it sounds a little hippy-ish, but it is what it is. I don't have a job I keep getting told I am overqualified for pretty much any position. Turns out there aren't any openings available for someone that wields the power cosmic. What's the power cosmic, you ask? Oh well....kinda hard to explain. It means I am crazy strong and with really great senses....when I taste food.....I TASTE FOOD.....but I don't really need to eat.....or breathe. Or sleep. But hey, we can still do normal people things. I can take you out and watch you you sleep....or...whatever....I just realized how creepy I sound. Sorry ladies! But ah....I can also absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient that's fun! I can also do some other neat stuff....time travel.....phase through stuff....I can blow away entire planets if I want to! ( Not to brag, but I can.....let's see if your ex can do THAT! I even suck toes! Good luck finding a boyfriend that sucks toes! ) I don't have a car....but I do have a really neat surfboard. I fly around the cosmos on it and it obeys my every command. No big deal. "

" But yeah...that's pretty much me in a nut shell. Message me if you are interested and want to talk. We can take it slow. I'll just be out here.....floating......( call me! ) "

Third Round Pick: Dark Phoenix

Guy called me hot stuff, so I killed him. Puns. Ew.
Guy called me hot stuff, so I killed him. Puns. Ew.

Case File: X-1743

Subject Name: Jean Grey

Report: Upon arrival, subject seemed social, articulate, and well mannered. She engaged in conversation with the staff, and won over several of the staff. Beliefs that the subject could lead to a breakthrough in understanding certain mutant's abilities of telekinesis and telepathy were reinforced as she more than happily moved things about the room with her mind and put silly images into the minds of some of the crew on hand. She convinced Davis that he was a twelve year old girl, and he proceeded to go about the office, trying to braid people's hair. These effects wore off after an hour when doctors advised her that perhaps he should be reminded to stop. Indeed the first few days of the subject's stay were marvelous, encouraging everyone to move forward with the project.

On the 12th of June, a gentleman by the name of Charles Xavier attempted to communicate with Jean, requesting that he speak to her, saying that we all had no idea of the danger we were all in. No one on staff told Miss Grey that Xavier was on premises, but she was well aware of him being there, and immediately started exhibiting somewhat negative and deranged behavior.

We now believe that The Subject has two personalities. One, Jean Grey, is a perfectly amiable person, while the other is a passionate and often violent character that calls itself "The Phoenix". With the Phoenix persona in control, the Subjects abilities changed wildly. In addition to markedly increased telekinetic and telepathic abilities, she was also able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter ( She disintegrated every wall between her room and the restroom, claiming she hadn't time for doors ) and fly at supersonic speeds ( She took Davis on a joyride without his approval, and returned him with horrible degrees of wind-burn....he'd nearly died, as skin was literally peeling off of him, and in some areas we.....we informed her of his condition and she chuckled ). We've noticed her disappear for long stretches of time, and when we inquire as to where she'd been, she replied that she had simply been traversing the stars.....spending some time burning entire planets......saying something about an itch she had to scratch.

Subject has currently disappeared again. It has been over a week since our last communication. Discussions of retrieving her end quickly, and we are considering ending the program altogether. Davis thinks he is in love, that he can hear Miss Grey in his head. We are putting him on medical leave, and in protective custody.

Subject file is considered closed indefinitely.

So In Summation: An all powerful entity that is threatening earth needs to be met with the combined forces of those that can destroy and create the world several times over, all led by the one person in time and space that could reason, understand, or contain any of them.....with the aid of a sonic screwdriver and probably a blond woman.

Cloud Galactus doesn't stand a chance
Cloud Galactus doesn't stand a chance

Are you not entertained? Can you do better? I await wordy things.


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