ByKolton Hall, writer at

All of my top picks are experts at fight, but can also manipulat the battle field. None of my characters come from the same universe really.

The team captain


He is the team captain because he has no powers, but is capable of doing anything he puts his mind to, even destroying the justice leace.

First round pick


Thid man is a legend. We see him destroy the agents time and time again. His skills alone outclass a lot of superheroes out there.

Second round pick


Goku is the purest of all them. He has went from getting beaten up, and never gave up. He has shown that he can overcome anything.

Last round pick


He is the leader of the turtles and has proved himself to be a great leader, and a great fallower.

These are all my picks, they could at anytime become captain, and lead the team, but also know how to fallow if need be.

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