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Before we start off I know that there have been plenty of theories and speculations on things in the upcoming DCEU, specifically on the upcoming movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. But my article will be different, the focus won't be on Dawn of Justice but will be on previous film Man of Steel and famous DC villain Brainiac. For my article i'm going to be going over why Brainiac was strongly hinted in Man of Steel and why he could make an arrival real soon. Let get started.

Codex and Brainiac orb similarities:

Krypton had all of its information stored in a small, handheld, yellow glowing device which could pass on its knowledge after the destruction of the world.

Just like Brainiac.

1. Weaponized tentacles

The world engine, harvested from one of these Kryptonian outposts, had mechanical reshaping tentacles.

Just like Brainiac.

2. Brainiac symbol on kryptonian armor and technology

Brainiac's symbol is plastered all over the Kryptonian outposts where Zod and his soldiers received there technology and armor.

3. Krypton artificial intelligence.

Krypton in Man of Steel is strongly led by artificial intelligence.Machines did practically everything on Krypton, while still showing great strength, and didn't do anything to assist in the death of Krypton.

Just like Brainiac.

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