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Superman is in hot water for the destruction of Metropolis during his fight with General Zod in "Man Of Steel" and he is going to be held accountable for the devastation by none other than Batman - but with their sights fixed on each other, a new enemy emerges, presenting a threat to all of mankind. We all know this part already.


The first thing I said to a buddy of mine after I watched Man Of Steel was, "Dude, they wrecked that city." I am really happy, as a writer and a moviegoer, that the destruction displayed in Man Of Steel will serve as a catalyst for the major conflict in the second instalment, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I'm also glad that this movie is going to deal with the very real concept of Batman's mortality as a human being by essentially highlighting his age. This keeps the "realism" of DC's Universe intact and adds another layer to it by accepting and dealing with the fact that one of their most popular "super" heroes is, in fact, a human with no super powers. I am curious though about how much Batman's age will play into the movie and how much will be reserved for the stand-alone movies (will Batman have to prove himself to himself via hand-to-hand combat with the leader of the Mutant gang eventually?).

The deification of Superman is another very real-world consequence of his awesome power. This theme also opens the door for a lot of social commentary on our society as it exists today and I am eager to see what writers David S Goyer and Chris Terrio do with it. Religious undertones in movies not primarily meant to speak on such controversial subject matter can be extremely difficult to pull off properly (or in a way that doesn't piss a lot of people off).


The two characters that aren't in the title that I am most excited about are Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I've got nothing against The Flash (though it would be sweet if DC included its TV shows in its "universe") or Lex Luthor. I am just pumped to see a live action portrayal of one of the most (if not THE most) awesome females in comic book history - in the same universe as one of the most mocked characters in comic book history.

Considering this movie is already slated to be packed with huge characters, including any more would be hard to do without "forcing" it. This being the case then, I think it would be prudent to make a few allusions to Darkseid, foreshadowing one of The Justice League's most formidable foes.


Ben Affleck will be Batman for a long time.
Ben Affleck will be Batman for a long time.

I think Ben Affleck will shine as a Batman that is "past his prime" physically. If you look at some of his most recent roles, he has shown that he can sell a role (I really enjoyed "Gone Girl" specifically - great movie and Affleck was really good in it as well).

Affleck has played a super hero before - Matt Murdock in Daredevil (2003). While the movie is mostly considered to be a "bottom rung" super hero movie, it shows that Ben Affleck is probably a comic book fan - a revelation that bodes well for his latest super hero appointment as Gotham's Dark Knight.

Ben Affleck has been acting since as far back as the 80s, though he didn't really get too much work until the 90s. I bring this up because we can draw some parallels with Affleck's career in acting and Bruce Wayne's career as Batman - both men have been performing for the public for years, for better or worse, absorbing the public's admiration and condemnation. I think Affleck will be able to relate to this side of Batman and it will show in his performance.


I predict Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be a monster hit and will quell the naysayers who weren't sold on a DC Universe with "Man Of Steel". It will do well at the box office, probably opening at #1, and it will silence the Affleck haters and all those who are crying about the casting decisions for DC's Universe thus far.


Are you excited for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?